A List of Deals and Discount Codes – 7/22/12

The eBook Reader.com

My inbox keeps getting bombarded with various promotions so I guess it’s time for another sales and deals post. There are some discount codes for ebooks from Kobo, Sony, and eBooks.com plus some digital magazines from Zinio. I also threw in some ebook reader and tablet deals for today as well.

Barnes and Noble is sure trying to unload the Nook Tablet with some different sales, but I don’t they are good enough. The Google Nexus 7 is still the better tablet even without the memory card slot.

Kobo Discount Codes

Kobo eBooks is running 80% off deals on 4 romance novels over the next ten days.

The titles and dates are as follows:

80% off Rock Hard with code romance80 – Friday 20 – Sunday 22
80% off Marriage Bargain with code romance80 – Monday 23 – Wednesday 25
80% off Colters Women with code romance80 – Thursday 26 – Sunday 29
80% off Unleashed with code romance80 – Monday 30 – Wednesday 1

eBooks.com Discount Codes

Here are some discount codes for ebooks from eBooks.com.

Back to School $10 Coupon – $10 off $100. Use code: bts2012bookscp. Code valid May 15 – Aug 31, 2012.

Back to School 5% Promotion – 5% off purchase of ebooks. Use coupon: BTSBOOK%SALEcp. Valid until August 31, 2012

July Promotion – $5 off $55 purchase. Use code july555promocp. Valid July 1-31 only.

Category Coupon – Use code categorysalecp for 20% off at eBooks.com on subjects: Photography, Poetry, Law, Music, and Travel. Code valid July 2012.

Sony eBooks

Get 25% Off your next purchase at the Sony Reader Store with code 7/12MISSYOU25. This code expires July 23rd so use it quick.

Zinio Digital Magazines

Zinio is running a two for one deal for a limited time where you get a two year subscription to your favorite magazines on Zinio for the price of one. Featured titles include Newsweek, Afar, Rob Report, Wine Spectator, Motor Trend, and others.

2 for 1 Deals

Zinio is also running a separate promotion where they are selling single issues for $0.99. Some featured publications include Elle, Maxim, Everday with Rachael Ray, Esquire, Sport Fishing, Eating Well, Redbook, and others.

$.99 Single Issues


$129 Sony PRS-T1 + lighted cover (usually $49) bundle at Newegg

$64 Nook Touch refurbished at Best Buy

$55 Kobo Wireless eBook Reader at Amazon

$79 iRiver Story HD at Amazon

$39 Refurbished Aluratek Libre eBook Reader at Sears


$209 Acer Iconia A200 10″ Tablet refurbished at eBay

$269 Motorola XOOM 10.1″ 32GB 3G Verizon + Portfolio Case Bundle refurbished at eBay

$79 Ematic 7″ Android 4.0 Tablet at WalMart

$379 ASUS Transformer TF300 at Amazon

$179 Nook Tablet 16GB refurbished at eBay

$50 B&N Gift Card with 16GB Nook Tablet purchase at Barnes and Noble

$199 Nook Tablet 16GB in some Frys stores (not available online)

$219 Nook Tablet 16GB at Best Buy

8 Responses to “A List of Deals and Discount Codes – 7/22/12”

  1. Tracy Canfield July 22, 2012 at 1:45 pm

    Sony code doesn’t work! It took the code at first, but didn’t show my discount when I went to checkout. I tried to put it in again, but then it said code not valid.

    • That’s strange. It was working for some folks at Mobileread. Make sure it wasn’t an Agency ebook though. Some publishers don’t allow discounts on ebooks, the major publishers mainly.

    • I couldn’t get iot to work either, here is the website I buy my E-books from. They usually have pretty good deals.

  2. Tracy Canfield July 22, 2012 at 3:02 pm

    Tried it on a different book (i.e. not a new release or bestseller) and it worked. But that wasn’t what I wanted to buy.

    • I know, it’s frustrating. Hopefully the pending lawsuit for ebook price-fixing will make it so ebook stores can offer coupons again without restrictions.

  3. Yes, you just had your first encounter with “publisher set pricing.” Welcome to the frustration. The big six publishing houses have forbidden any discount codes from being applied to their titles, and they charge between $11.99 – $16.99 for a single eBook. These books include most of the modern classics (Hemingway, Steinbeck, Faulkner, Orwell, Nabokov, and more) which they keep locked up in their electronic shelves with prohibitive pricing. Anyone who wants a decent modern eBook library will have to pay around $300 for just twenty to thirty titles. $300 for electronic files written by mostly dead authors…

    These publishers are desperate to maintain their physical book sales, and they are really fighting to keep there heads above Amazon’s very deep market share waters. Some have suggested that they actually want to make buying eBooks unappealing by charging higher prices. The “big 6” have bucked against Amazon at every opportunity, even when their refusal to negotiate has pushed Amazon to remove both their physical and electronic books from Amazon’s site (cold retaliation by Bezos). See http://mashable.com/2010/01/31/macmillan-ceo-confirms-amazon-dispute/ for more info on this.

    Here is the publisher’s side of things, presented by the Author’s Guild: http://andyrossagency.wordpress.com/2012/06/04/the-authors-guild-and-the-book-publisher-antitrust-case/

  4. I wonder what the Nexus 7 I doing to Kindle Fire and Nook Tablet sales. I would think that most people would opt for the new Nexus over the now dated NT and KF.

  5. Sears.com has the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 for $225 until 7:00am Wednesday. Staples is offering a $25 gift card (in the form of a mail-in rebate) on the same device until the 28th.