New iPad Mini Likely Coming in October

iPad Mini

The most popular tech rumor of the year looks like it might just come true after all.

According to a recent report by AllThingsD, “several sources” claim that Apple is going to release a smaller version of the iPad, dubbed the iPad Mini, in October.

Apple is expected to release the latest version of their insanely popular iPhone at a press event on September 12th. It is believed they don’t want to announce both new products at the same time for fear of overshadowing one another, so the iPad Mini is expected to get its own event in October, just in time for the busy shopping season.

This would be a departure from how all the other iPads have been released. All three previous editions were released in March of the last three years.

A lot rumors and allegedly leaked photos of the iPad Mini have been making their rounds on the big tech blogs all year. But there isn’t exactly any reliable information to go on.

Basically all we know about the iPad Mini is it will have a screen smaller than 8-inches. It’s safe to assume it will have all the same basic features and software as the iPad 3. Hopefully it will have a Retina display too, otherwise it will be disappointing.

My guess is the iPad Mini will pretty much be exactly the same as the iPad 3, just smaller and with slightly less specs. I expect it to retail for $249 and up with different memory options. I don’t see Apple going for the $199 mark. That undercuts the regular iPad by too much. Apple can get away with charging a little more than Amazon and Google for their 7″ tablets.

Given the smaller and lighter size, the iPad Mini should make for a good ereader. 10″ tablets can get a little heavy and unwieldy for reading books. I’ve always found 7″ tablets better for reading ebooks.

4 Responses to “New iPad Mini Likely Coming in October”

  1. Wow,

    It would be interesting to see how all these new releases (iPad Mini, Kindle Fire, Nexus 7) compete with each other in the 7″ tab market.

    I’ve been putting off getting a tab because I’ve wanted a 7″ one without compromising too many features.

    I look forward to your reviewing this one Nathan.


  2. i just hope the maintain the same aspect ratio as the regular IPad.

    in the past i had both the 6″ and 7″ Sony e-readers and i disliked how the 7″ screen was the same width, just longer.

    the 16:9 aspect ratio is ill suited to e-reading IMHO, it’s even worse if you wear bifocals

    i would LOVE for someone to make a lighted e-ink e-reader with a 8″ 4:3 ratio screen.

  3. I think Apple will call it the iPad Nano following the same naming conventions used with the iPods. And of course everyone will be speculating about what Steve Jobs said when he dismissed the idea of a smaller screen iPad. He’s not around to be accused of not being truthful. I wonder how he would have spun this response?

  4. I am having trouble believing there will be such a device since the announcement of the upcoming new version of the iPhone/iPod touch with a bit larger screen. The iPod touch is already in the price range of eReaders and not much room between it’s price and the iPad 2.

    There is no way they will call it the “mini”. Too many jokes around that. If anything I would guess they would stick to the naming convention of the MacBook pro line. Same name, just different sizes,

    Now if they decide to put out a device that is to be mainly an eReader, they could strip it down of features and go down on price.

    That is highly unlikely. They have a great market that is willing to pay for the premium features. Not much to gain from catering to a lower priced market that might not spend as much on apps books music etc.

    Also, it would not be an ipad in the eyes of customers. There is also the chance of dragging down the iPad brand.

    I’ve been an Apple tech for over ten years and I just don’t see an eReader only device or even a smaller one between the iPod touch and current iPad in the future.

    Just my opinion based on the price points of the current and announced products. Apple earned its success by having a minimum number of configurations.

    We could all be surprised by a new an innovative product that is that size next month.