Chuwi V7 Extreme (Speedmax) Review

Chuwi V7 Extreme Review

Today we’ve got another user-submitted review of an inexpensive tablet imported from China called the Chuwi V7 Speedmax.

It can be had for around $100 from Chinese wholesale websites and is somewhat comparable to the iPad mini in terms of screen ratio and resolution.

Thanks to James Cloud for the review. And once again, if you have a review of a tablet or ereader you’d like to submit, please feel free to contact me.

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7 Responses to “Chuwi V7 Extreme (Speedmax) Review”

  1. Did you have to root it to get the few bloat apps off?

  2. Nope… just uninstall using whatever free app killer you want. The system is pretty flexible for software manipulation, and the bloatware only consisted of two Chuwi apps and a couple of chinese apps for web browsing. Not too much.

  3. Sorry… just read through the comments and realized I linked to the wrong uninstaller. What I use is actually Uninstall Master. It’s on google play and is free. The six bloatware apps show up under the system tab… they are iReader, Youku, UC Browser, QQ, Wow Fish, and the Chuwi Fan app.

    Get the uninstaller here:

    Like I said, not too much bloatware.

  4. So, did a bit of research on the screen to find out what makes it look so nice… turns out that this tablet and the virtually identical ICOO Icou 8 (not the pro version) use the same 7 inch IPS screen produced by LG. That explains a lot. LG is known for quality displays, and this is no exception. They claim a 180 degree viewing angle, but that’s a bit generous. It’s certainly a gorgeous screen, though and is paired with a tablet that’s more than up to most tasks.

  5. Hi, I have this tablet but now when I power on, the android just stuck and it reboots.. do you have the original firmaware to reinstall or antoher custom ROM, thanks.