The Da Vinci Code eBook by Dan Brown is Free This Week

Da Vinci Code

Tens years ago The Da Vinci Code was released and has since sold over 81 million copies worldwide. And now you can snag an ebook copy for free until March 24th.

Doubleday, the publisher of The Da Vinci Code, announced earlier in the week the free giveaway promotion to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the book.

It’s also part of a larger marketing campaign designed to get your eyes on Dan Brown’s latest book titled Inferno, of which the prologue and first chapter is included in the free download of The Da Vinci Code. They want to get you hooked so that you’ll buy the book when it comes out on May 14th :).

“The landscape of publishing has changed dramatically over the past ten years,” Knopf Doubleday Chairman Sonny Mehta said in a release. “The original publication of The Da Vinci Code preceded the ebook era. What better way to celebrate the 10th anniversary of this modern classic than by making it available on a multiplicity of platforms and devices while simultaneously offering fans a riveting sample of Dan’s latest work.”

I can remember reading this book back before the movie came out when all the hype was going around. Generally I don’t read these type of books, but this one was fun and worth the read, and especially now that it’s free.

The free ebook is available from all the major ebookstores. Here’s some links below:






10 Responses to “The Da Vinci Code eBook by Dan Brown is Free This Week”

  1. Yeah right! Free if you live in the US – not if you’re in Denmark for instance

  2. North America only it seems

  3. Thanks! I don’t read this kinda stuff either, but like you said, “especially now that it’s free.” 🙂

  4. Can’t download it in Europe. This is corporate discrimination and it is wrong. No matter if I want this ebook I know how to get it for free … But I have too much to read to worry about this one book.
    By the way are you sure this sold 81 million copies ? This figures seems off the charts. I mean compared to the Harry Potter books who sold 60 million copies each, give or take.

  5. It’s a good read, and probably only 50p in paperback. I was given a copy years ago and loved it – but if you know the story already I guess it won’t be so enthralling.

  6. Sony will let you download it if you tell them you live in the US. Just come up with a zip code.

  7. Confirmed Robin, just come here to tell the same thing 😉
    To tell something new if someone is interested here it is a link for the italian version, but I don’t know if it works or not outside Italy.

  8. Hey guys. Even Amazon lets you buy it for free if you change your ‘Country Settings’ to US and provide an address. So I’m suspecting thats going to work with every provider, and not just Sony and Amazon. I guess its better to leave it that way to avoid going in each time to change, before grab freebies like this. Unless ofcourse you find a real need to change it to your actual country.

    And Nathan, thanks for your great updates as usual on the latest/greatest. It might prove helpful to remind readers that such freebies are guaranteed only in the US, and that they might try fiddling around on their settings to show country/zipcode etc as US to help get such stuff.

  9. You can download this book on B&N site with non-US credit card if enter any US billing address.

  10. I read this book years ago, in paper, but after seeing what people here wrote about it not really being available for free outside of the U.S. I had to try for my self.
    Result: I just downloaded it from Amazon for free, and I’m in Israel and don’t have an American credit card, but my primary delivery address is in the U.S.