Apple Doesn’t Like E Ink eBook Readers and Thinks They’re a Waste of Time

Apple eBook Reader

That title isn’t necessarily a statement of fact. But when you stop and consider the circumstances and evaluate the evidence, it’s pretty easy to come to that conclusion.

Why else wouldn’t Apple release a dedicated E Ink reading device to go along with their ebookstore? Apple opened the doors on the iBookstore back in early 2010 when they released the first iPad. Apple must really dislike E Ink and think it’s a waste of time for them not to pursue that market after 3 full years in the ebook business.

Considering all the success that Amazon has had with the Kindle ebook readers all over the world, you’d think that Apple would be interested in taking on that market too, especially considering they have all the tools, the storefront, and the capital to do so. But Apple continues to be interested in LCD-based gadgets only. E Ink isn’t worth their time. Apparently.

Could you imagine what an Apple E Ink ereader would be like? An ebook reader running some watered-down version of iOS with the iBooks app as its centerpiece. Maybe have a notebook app, some dictionaries, social apps, Safari web browser. Just think of all the possibilities!

But I can’t see it ever happening.

E Ink, for whatever reason, just doesn’t seem like Apple’s style. It’s not flashy or hip enough. From Apple’s standpoint they probably don’t see any need for a $150 E Ink ebook reader when they can sell tablets and phones and MP3 players for a lot more money.

But you have to admit it would be pretty cool if Apple did release a dedicated ebook reader with an electronic paper screen, even if not E Ink something similar. They would sell millions of them for sure. Of course that’s not saying much. Apple could cram an MP3 player into the handle of a toothbrush, slap their name on it, and sell 10 million units by the end of the week.

10 Responses to “Apple Doesn’t Like E Ink eBook Readers and Thinks They’re a Waste of Time”

  1. Thank you for all the headaches Apple. Strangely enough I can read my Sony e-ink, e-reader for hours at a time with no eyestrain at all, 45 minutes with the ipad and my head is thumping.

  2. “Could you imagine what an Apple E Ink ereader would be like?” – Same I thought recently, after trying the kobo aura, the hope of many (e) book-lover, willing to pay somthing more to get something better. That unbelievable stupid wasting of space, literally no pdf support (at least you can read them), cheap plastic etc etc. Did I said something about the UI? No? Good.
    After all, the ugly Kindle is still the most reliable, and the most insulting. It’s a shame. Books always connected to design (more or less). So reading should follow that. Do I have to stuck with the Sony 950 – for ever? – probably until the internal Battery dies (then my Kindle 4 will come to life, my old reliable, ugly Quasimodo). But even the Sony 950 has so incredible flaws, just the silver! cover: in bright sunlight you get blind. But sony is at least somewhat committed to design – you can not say that about Amazons Kindle portfolio, unfortunately. They just have forgotten, where they are came from – books. Long ago. Different times, different priorities.

    • I don’t understand this comment. The design of the Kindle Paperwhite seems fine to me, and is an improvement on the original Kindle for sure. The commenter gives no explanation or basis for his claim that Kindle is “ugly.” Ugly how?

  3. Apple registered a patent about hybrid display (eink+LCD) two years ago. at that time they are going to use it in ipad but they do not follow it. please check this link:,2817,2383305,00.asp

  4. I don’t mind. Apple’s e-readers would be immensely overpriced anyway. They would look quite good, with nice rounded corners and stuff, but at a ridiculous premium.
    I will never waste money on anything Apple. I never have, I never will.

  5. With Apple being a strong proponent of EPUB 3’s interactive media capabilities, E Ink doesn’t seem like it’d be a fit for them. But considering I rarely read any EPUB 3 books that use anything fancier than simple fixed layout pages, I’d love to have a bottom E Ink screen I could uncover to read on. I can always dream.

  6. It’s absolutely foolish of Apple not to have a dedicated E-reader. I have an iPhone, a Mac Book, and an iPod. But now that I have no iOS option, I’m buying a Kindle (which I think is TERRIFIC). Two years from now, I might upgrade to a Fire rather than an iPad and switch to an Android platform altogether. The best offense is a great defense. Apple hasn’t given me any other choice but to cross the tracks so to speak and open the window towards losing a loyal patron.

  7. I think Sony is a piece of shit. They will make anything that is trending and make some little money out of it. I have one of their earlier ebook reader. It’s a piece of shit honestly. After that I won’t buy anything make by Sony again, not even consider them. They don’t make great product; they just want to make money.

    On the other hand, Apple always made great products and big money. I still have my old ipod playing my music everyday. So to me, Apple doesn’t make an E-ink based Ereader is because 1, they can’t make a great product out of E-ink. Seriously? what can an e-ink display does other than reading? Apple can put a mp3 player in it, but this concept has proved by amazon that it won’t work. 2, will you willing to buy an Apple reader at a price tag of 299?