Deal Alert: Kobo Glo for $99, Kindle Fire HD $169

The eBook

Kobo is running an unadvertised sale on the Kobo Glo through July 2nd at midnight. Instead of having to pay the usual $129, you can get it for $99 with promo code GL625 when ordered from The catch is it is for US residents only (if you live in Canada you can still get the $20 off deal for the Glo if you act fast, the code for that expires tonight).

The smaller Kobo Mini remains on sale for $39 as well in the US and Canada. That deal doesn’t expire until July 18th.

Kobo is also supposedly running a sale on select ebooks for up to 70% off through July 1st, but whenever I click on the link it directs to a blank page with nothing on it. Typical Kobo. Maybe the link will work later. Who knows…

In other deal news, Amazon is taking $30 off the 7-inch Kindle Fire HD for an undisclosed “limited time”. That knocks the price of the base KFHD down to $169, or you can get the 32GB model for $199. That’s not nearly as good of a deal as Barnes and Noble’s Nook HD for $129, or the Hisense Sero 7 Pro for $149 from Walmart, but I guess it’s better than nothing :). It’s funny to see Amazon struggling to remain competitive with their prices.

4 Responses to “Deal Alert: Kobo Glo for $99, Kindle Fire HD $169”

  1. The link worked fine for me in Canada. It seems to have an affiliate code in there, too. Maybe you meant to set up the US affiliate link and set up the Canadian one instead. They often have separate US and Canadian links.

    • Do you mean the ebook sale link? The funny thing I just took it off of the homepage at Kobo, minus all the tacking code at the end. Their Kobo Mini link sale on the homepage doesn’t work either, and I noticed that last week. You’d think they would’ve fixed it by now.

      I don’t usually mess with affiliate links anymore because they aren’t worth the hassle, although I did take the Kobo Glo link from the email, which is now from Linkshare so at least it works (the ones from Google never did). Skimlinks might be adding some affiliate code to the ebook sales link, but it doesn’t show any when I click on it. I wonder if it’s automatically re-directing for Canadians because it still just shows a blank page for me.

  2. The link, by the way, is to the Canada Day sale–so maybe you have to wait for the 4th of July sale next week.

    • Interesting. I just tried the link using the Chrome web browser and it worked fine. But it’s not working with Firefox for some reason.