Amazon Launches Mexico Kindle Store, Starts Selling Kindles at Gandhi Stores

Kindle Mexico

Today Amazon made an announcement, but it wasn’t the one we’ve been waiting for. On Tuesday Kobo announced the upcoming release of three new tablets, the Kobo Aura ebook reader, a new Kids’ ebook store, and a partnership with Pocket to bring web reading to Kobo’s ereaders.

So what does Amazon do to counter? They launch a Mexico Kindle store and stop selling the WiFi Kindle Paperwhite in the US. What?!

I would’ve expected bigger news out of Amazon, but this is all we’ve got to work with right now:

New Kindle Store offers over 2 million eBooks sold in Mexican Pesos, including the most Spanish language best sellers, more than 1,500 free books in Spanish, and hundreds of thousands of exclusive titles, including works from authors like José Emilio Pacheco, Elena Poniatowska, Sergio Pitol and Carlos Monsivais, as well as comic books from Mafalda and Familia Burrón

The Mexico Kindle Store also includes titles with Nahuatl and other Mexican indigenous languages from the Instituto Nacional de Lenguas Indígenas, preserving an important part of Mexican heritage.

In addition to opening the Mexico Kindle Store, which can be found at, Amazon has also started selling the Kindle and Kindle Paperwhite locally in Mexico at Gandhi stores. The base Kindle starts at MXN$ 1,399. The WiFi Paperwhite costs MXN$ 2,399 and the model with 3G wireless is MXN$ 2,399.

Isn’t it interesting that Amazon has no shortage of WiFi Paperwhites to sell in Mexico, but if you live in the United States they won’t sell one to you.

7 Responses to “Amazon Launches Mexico Kindle Store, Starts Selling Kindles at Gandhi Stores”

  1. Hi, Nate. Are there any news about Amazon opening stores in other countries of Latin America in the near future?

  2. About Amazon stores in other territories, I was wondering if I decided to get a PW (or rather PW2) Can I purchase e-books from all amazon stores or am I limited to the store close to my territory (
    I’m asking cause I like reading books in English and if I got a PW I would like to buy books from or .uk
    Does anyone know this for sure ?

    • You can purchase only printed books in all Amazon stores. E-books only in your region. But there should be no problems with english books. I buy at and get almost all e-books in English. If some books not available, they are not licensed for your country. Whether an e-book is licensed for your country depends on the Publisher of the original edition.

  3. Obviously what we see is result of ongoing economy shift towards BRIC countries. Amazon, Apple and others gave up on Europe, former comunists teritories I doubt will ever see their stores.

  4. Anyone knows if there will be available in Mexico the brand new paperwhite 2 announced today=????

    • I’m sure they will at some point since Amazon just launched the Kindle Mexico store. Sometimes there’s a delay for international Kindles, though. It varies by country.