Daily Deals & Freebies – February 7

Kindle Daily Deals

Secret Daughter by Shilpi Somaya Gowda

Secret Daughter, a first novel by Shilpi Somaya Gowda, explores powerfully and poignantly the emotional terrain of motherhood, loss, identity, and love through the experiences of two families—one Indian, one American—and the child that binds them together. A masterful work set partially in the Mumbai slums so vividly portrayed in the hit film Slumdog Millionaire, Secret Daughter recalls the acclaimed novels of Kim Edwards and Thrity Umrigar, yet sparkles with the freshness of a truly exciting new literary voice.

Today’s Price: $1.99
List Price: $13.99

Romance Daily Deal

Autumn in the Vineyard by Marina Adair

Frankie Baudouin has a hundred reasons not to trust Nate DeLuca. First, he’s a DeLuca. Second, he kissed her—in front of the entire town—and then never called. Oh, and he’s after her land. Sorrento Ranch is Frankie’s last chance to prove to her family—and to herself—that she has what it takes to be an award-winning winemaker. And she will stop at nothing to ensure her success—even if it means playing nice with the starched, sophisticated, and oh-so-sexy Italian.

Today’s Price: $1.99
List Price: $9.99

Science Fiction & Fantasy Daily Deal

Bonded by Denise Mande Matthews

Hallad Avarson knows nothing of the realms beyond his village. The
worlds, gods, magics, and the Shadow are only tales told on moonless nights.
What he does know is that something has always been missing from his life.

Today’s Price: $1.99
List Price: $3.99

History Daily Deal

Battleground Prussia by Prit Buttar

The terrible months between the arrival of the Red Army on German soil and the final collapse of Hitler’s regime were like no other in the Second World War. The Soviet Army’s intent to take revenge for the horror that the Nazis had wreaked on their people produced a conflict of implacable brutality in which millions perished.

Today’s Price: $1.99
List Price: $12.95

Teen Daily Deal

Dinky Hocker Shoots Smack! by M. E. Kerr

It was bad enough that they had to move to Brooklyn—Brooklyn Heights, as Tucker Woolf’s dad instructs him to tell everyone after he loses his job. Now his father has suddenly developed an allergy to Tucker’s cat, Nader, a nine-month-old calico Tucker found underneath a Chevrolet. Tucker’s beloved pet finds a new home with overweight, outrageous Susan “Dinky” Hocker, the only person to answer Tucker’s ad.

Today’s Price: $1.99
List Price: $9.99

Other Kindle Deals

$199 Kindle Fire HDX – Amazon is running a limited-time sale the 7″ HDX at $30 off the regular price.

$339 Kindle Fire HDX – Amazon is running a limited-time sale the 8.9″ HDX at $40 off the regular price.

$189 Kindle Fire HD – Last year’s 8.9″ Kindle Fire HD is also on sale. Given the high-res screen and HDMI port, this is arguably the best deal of the bunch.

25 Kindle Kids’ Books for $1 Each – Mysteries, thrillers, romance, and science fiction Kindle books for $2 apiece. Offer valid through February 28, 2014.

Monthly Kindle Book Deals – A list of Kindle books for $3.99 or less for the month of February.

20 Kindle Books for $2 Each – Offer valid through February 28, 2014.

Kindle Countdown Deals – Limited-time discounts on Kindle-exclusive ebooks

Kindle Freebies

Muffins (Sweet and Savory Muffin Recipes, Butter Spreads) by Sara Winlet – Cooking, 4.8 stars, 118 reviews – There is nothing like waking up in the morning to a wonderful hot moist muffin. You can smell the wonderful aroma through out your home,which couldn’t be more wonderful in my world. Everyone has a favorite flavor, for me its a blueberry crumb topped muffin. Why buy muffins at the bakery for three dollars each, when you can make a whole dozen for that price at home. With my Muffin recipe book you can save money and have hot delicious muffins anytime at home. Not only will you have great breakfast muffins, but also some savory, delectable dinner muffins as well. Also, you can top these wonderful muffins with the great butter spread recipes at the end of the book. With my muffin recipes your house will have the wonderful aroma of piping hot muffins, that your family will love to wake up to.

Death by Deceit (Book #5 in the Caribbean Murder Series) by Jaden Skye – Mystery/Suspense, 4.1 stars, 32 reviews – Cindy and Mattheus, finally together, prepare to take time off and live together—when a stunning upset in their relationship tears them apart. Cindy flies home to New York, resigned to never work as a detective—and never see Mattheus—again. And then a shocking phone call comes out of the blue: it is Mattheus. A new body has turned up. Cindy at first refuses—until he tells her who it is: his wife. They finally found her, on the shores of Key West. Brutally murdered, they suspect, by an abusive boyfriend.

Nook Daily Find

The Flight of the Silvers by Daniel Price

When the world as they know it ends a group of strangers with special powers band together to find the one person who can save them from their new enemies as they find themselves in a strange, alternate version of Earth. This brand new novel from Daniel Price is an action-packed start to what promises to be an exciting new series.

Today’s Price: $2.99
List Price: $14.99

Nook Freebies

Daddy’s Little Killer by LS Sygnet – Mystery/Crime, 4 stars, 334 reviews – (Eriksson Novel #1) An FBI agent kills her ex-husband, but without evidence to prove she’s guilty, she’s free to walk away from it all. Getting away from murder and mayhem proves much more difficult for Helen Eriksson, who still plans to repay those responsible for ruining her life.

Kissing in the Dark by Wendy Lindstrom – Romance, 5 stars, 38 reviews – Desperate circumstances set Faith Wilkins on the run and straight into Sheriff Duke Grayson’s protective arms. Duke believes Faith is a struggling widow, intelligent healer, and loving mother. Faith needs a husband, and Duke intends to be that man. Their blooming friendship and explosive attraction reinforce his decision to marry Faith. When he discovers that his beautiful new bride lied about her identity and is hiding from a man with the power to destroy their family, her betrayal slices to his core.


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