Has the Kindle DX Been Discontinued . . . Again?


Amazon has stopped selling their large-screen 9.7″ Kindle DX ebook reader. And it appears that it may have been discontinued . . . again.

Usually when Amazon runs out of their current stock of Kindles, the description page will say that the item is out-of-stock or on backorder, and there’s usually an estimated date of return.

But not with the Kindle DX.

Amazon simply is not selling it anymore; it is only available used from 3rd party sellers. And there’s no indication on the description page that it is going to return anytime soon.

Another sign of the Kindle DX’s discontinuance it it’s removal from the Kindle banner at the top of Kindle device pages.

Also, the leather cover for the DX that usually sells for $50 is deeply-discounted to $9.99.

This isn’t the first time that Amazon has seemingly discontinued the Kindle DX. Back in October 2012, the same exact thing happened where Amazon suddenly removed the Kindle DX from other Kindle pages and stopped selling it new.

Then it unexpectedly returned several months later in May 2013, and has remained available until now.

Could this be the end of the Kindle DX this time around? The software is so old and out-dated that it certainly needs to be replaced by a newer model if Amazon wants to continue selling 9.7″ Kindles. Hopefully that is indeed the case, and they aren’t just intending to do away with large E Ink Kindles for good.

5 Responses to “Has the Kindle DX Been Discontinued . . . Again?”

  1. It would be so sad if amazon stops making the e-ink larger screen kindle DX. i love to read and have trouble with the smaller screens because i have macular degeneration . so i need that larger screen . I have tried the fire and it hurts my eyes , i think because i read so much . I would switch to another company if i knew of one that makes a larger screen with the clarity i get with the e-ink screen . i know there are more of us out there going blind that like to read but have stopped for this reason.

  2. I really wanted one of these, but didn’t want to buy one without actually holding it in my hands. Now the temptation is gone; hoping they release an 8″ Kindle Paperwhite eventually.

  3. I own 4 DXs in my stockpile for the future since I also only like E ink larger screen readers.

  4. Wish I’d have gotten one while it was on sale last December, or so. My poor eyesight warranted it but my pocket book did not. Used DX from 3rd party is way over inflated. I checked. Oh well……

  5. I also have eye problems with Glaucoma. I have the DX graphite of a few years ago now, love it, and it still goes well, but I’d still like an updated version. The larger screen suits me fine and I can make the print bigger. — I sure hope they bring out one more at least, updated one – just improving a few things. I probably wouldn’t read many books if it wasn’t for the convenience of the DX.