Too Bad the Premium Kindle Paperwhite Rumor Wasn’t True


Last November one of the editors for Techcrunch posted an article that stated quite matter-of-factly that Amazon was working on a new Kindle Paperwhite and that it would be released in early Q2 of 2014.

That’s the very first thing said in the article. And now that we are entering May, the middle of the second quarter, with no announcement from Amazon, it’s clear that that statement isn’t true. So if the first fact is wrong, are any of the details about the alleged new Kindle Paperwhite true?

It seemed unlikely from the get-go that Amazon would release a new Kindle early in the year because they almost always release Kindle devices in the Fall for the busy holiday shopping season. The one exception was when they released the Graphite Kindle DX in July, but that was back in 2010.

So missing an early Q2 release date isn’t at all surprising to me. Amazon could still release a new Kindle in May or June and still hit the Q2 window. That still seems rather unlikely at this point, though. Aside from the initial Techcrunch rumor, there haven’t been any new leaks, no new information about a new Kindle Paperwhite at all, only re-postings by less reputable blogs repeating the same old rumors over and over again.

But the Techcrunch article was so detailed that it seemed true, despite the unlikely release date.

The article gave all kinds of details: the new Paperwhite would have a 300ppi screen; it would offer new typography and a custom-built font; it would feature new squeezable buttons that give off haptic feedback when pressed; it would have an ambient light sensor that would automatically adjust the screen brightness; it would have a more angular design like the Kindle Fire HDX tablets; and it would come with a cover made from unicorn hairs (there’s a chance I possibly imagined that last one).

They also said the new Paperwhite is code-named Ice Wine.

That sure seems like a lot of details for something that isn’t real. There’s a good chance that a lot of this could end up being true. Or not. Who knows… Either way, Amazon is most likely going to release a new Kindle Paperwhite at some point this year. Regardless of the actual release date, it will be interesting to see what new features the device actually comes with.

The current Kindle Paperwhite, the 2nd gen model, is essentially a carbon copy of the original—it has a better frontlight is all. And the basic Kindle hasn’t changed other than its color since 2011. Amazon is definitely overdue to release an E Ink Kindle with some new features.

7 Responses to “Too Bad the Premium Kindle Paperwhite Rumor Wasn’t True”

  1. I have been hoping Amazon or someone else would come out with an ereader with a bigger screen. I keep hoping but it seems it is all about getting away with the smallest possible screen.

  2. The company is opening up to the public an invite to a launch event in its hometown of Seattle on June 18.

    • I think that’s just their new smartphone. I don’t recon they’ll release a Kindle until atleast Q4 and when they do it wont hit the UK till Xmas. I doubt it will have all the details TechC. listed but I do think they’ll add one or two of those on the list, not before hinting at a new Kindle 2015 out in the Summer with much, much more features….where will this end! Why can’t they just ask ppl what ppl want in a Kindle- send out a user survey or something and then build the damn thing and stop making half-hearted attempts at an “improvement”!

      (rant over.)

  3. This one just got released as Kindle Voyage and available for pre-orders.

    The features are similar.