Kobo eBook Reader Night Mode Trick (Video)

Kobo Night Mode

A long time ago I posted about an interesting hack I came across at MobileRead that can enable night mode on most Kobo ebook readers—the Kobo Glo, Kobo Mini, Kobo Touch, and Kobo Aura HD.

The hack makes it so the device displays white text on a black background instead of the usual black text on a white background.

On tablets this is called night mode. It is favored by some for reading at night because less bright light is emitted toward your face without the white background.

On an E Ink ebook reader it doesn’t serve the same purpose, but some people still prefer to read with white text and a black background.

Here’s the link to the directions if you want to install this night mode hack on your Kobo ereader. Basically all you have to do is download a file and place it in the .kobo folder and it will install itself—it’s super easy.

I thought I had posted a YouTube video showing night mode in action on Kobo’s ebook readers, but I guess not. So while I was putting together the video for the Kobo multi-touch hack, I decided to put together a quick video showing night mode on the Aura HD as well.

E Ink Kobo eReader Night Mode Trick

8 Responses to “Kobo eBook Reader Night Mode Trick (Video)”

  1. This might not be the correct place to find answers but i cannot find any forums for Kobo. Bought a Kobo reader about 2 weeks ago. with only 9 hours reading time recorded on it the screen became all funny yesterday. the page is cut in half. top part is totally cleared out and the bottom part of the page shows as usual. Any idea what the problem might be? if i can get this to work i will look into the night mode. thanks

    • Here’s the link to the Kobo forum at MobileRead. It sounds like you have a broken screen, which is pretty common. E Ink displays are a lot more fragile than phone and tablet displays. Unfortunately there is no easy fix, and warranties rarely cover broken screens.

  2. Doesn’t work with on my Kobo glo…filmware 3.3.0

  3. Works fine with the update! Thanks its really cool!

  4. Night mode doesn’t work when you install KOBO start menu and KOreader

    • I need to try KOreader. That’s next on the list. My night mode hack stopped working after installing the hack to recognize the external microSD card for dual boot.

    • You can install Kobo Start Menu and CoolReader. CoolReader for Kobo has a built-in night mode which works absolutely fine.