How to Download Nook eBooks Now That B&N has Removed the Option

Nook for PC

It looks like B&N is intent on ticking off what little Nook customers they have left.

Lots of reports are coming out online, and in Barnes and Noble’s own Nook support forum, about how B&N has removed the option to download Nook ebooks to a computer for backup from their website.

Many people are reacting negatively to this, but the truth is there are still several ways to download Nook ebooks to create backups, move books between devices, or remove the DRM, if you so choose. You just can’t download Nook ebooks from a web browser anymore. And with B&N set to break Nook off into an entirely separate company, we can expect to see lots of additional changes in the coming months.

Like most people, I just figured the removal of the download option for ebooks was another one of B&N’s quirks, and that the issue would get worked out in a few days. But that’s not the case this time.

Nook Customer Care tweeted this in response to a customer who asked why they couldn’t download their purchased ebooks:

Barnes and Noble appears to be making other changes as well. I can’t get Nook for Web to work at all this morning; it just gives an error message. Is it another quirk, or something bigger? Perhaps B&N is revamping Nook for Web, as they what to move toward an online reading platform.

Whatever B&N’s reasoning is, if you want control of the Nook books that you purchased then you better take action and download them all locally while you still can. Who knows, B&N could start blocking these alternatives at any time, especially considering some have already been killed off by B&N in the past.

How to Download Nook Books

There are several ways to download your purchased Nook ebooks to get them on a Windows or Mac computer for backup, at which point you can load them into Calibre and remove the DRM from them if you choose (no need to use ADE with those directions). You just have to locate the folder where B&N stores your Nook books locally on your particular system (i.e. Documents\My Barnes & Noble eBooks).

Nook for PC – B&N discontinued Nook for PC along time ago, but you can still use it to access your Nook books and download them to a Windows computer.

Nook Study – This is an alternative desktop program that works for downloading Nook books to a Windows or Mac computer.

Greasemonkey Firefox Add-on (no longer works for this) – An add-on for the Firefox web browser that lets you customize the way a web page displays, and with JavaScrpt code you can create a download option for Nook ebooks from the Nook Library.

Nook Apps – You can use Nook Android or iOS apps to download Nook ebooks and then you can transfer them to a computer a number of ways, with Dropbox, a file manager app like ES File Explore, or with iFunbox for iOS.

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  1. Nathan, have you tried transferring a nook book file with iFunbox yourself? I can’t get it to work. The zip files appear to be empty when opened, after unzipping. Helpful tips would be appreciated.

    • No, I haven’t tried it. Here’s someone who got it to work at MobileRead:

      I was able to get a few of my newest Nook books this way:

      Download books to Nook app on iPhone or iPad. Connect iPhone to computer and use iFunbox program to search the file system (Nook – Library – Caches – Products) for the books. I then transferred them to my Desktop.

  2. Thank you, Nathan. I will give this a try.

  3. Thanks for the info on how to get Nook books now that the “download now” button no longer works on their site, esp. since your hints arrived on the day that the Free Friday Nook Books are available.

  4. Thanks for the notification, Nathan. I need to try the “remove DRM” method, as I have plenty of books that I still want to read!


  5. Nathan,

    Thanks for reporting this. I have Nook for PC running on my Windows 8.1 system, but also notice that there’s an app in the Windows Store, so I’ll see if that will work on my tablet and report back to the blog.

    • I don’t think you can get ebooks out of Windows 8 apps. They fragment the files, even if the ebook is DRM free. It’s the same with Kindle. You have to use the regular desktop program instead to get access to the actual ebook file.

  6. The Greasemonkey solution is so easy to use… especially if you already have greasemonkey installed… Thanks for the tip!

  7. I want to back up my purchased nook books and I used the nook for pc download button and it wants me to verify my default payment method (download 2080). Previously to download I had to enter in my credit card number but it does not give you a place to do so. I can’t find a way to do so in the account setting. Do you know how to verify the payment method? Thanks for your help!

  8. So, after owning the Kindle Voyage for about two months, I finally got around to finishing this. I own 568 Nook books. This process here (install Calibre, install DRM tools, bulk import, bulk convert) is about as painless as it gets… slow, but painless. The slowest part was installing the BN Windows application and downloading all of the books. Awesome guide!

    • Do you know if this method will still work? I have about 800 nook books and still have functioning devices just not one I can read without backlight… long story short I have had it with nook customer service… there are 6 nook devices in my household… the most recent is two weeks old and I called for the second replacement this morning. I would really like my money Back for the glowlight plus… anyhow… am thinking I will go to an Amazon device if I can figure out how to convert my library.

  9. Just tried to download 2 recently-acquired Nook books, and the Nook for PC no longer works either. It does not find the two most recent books no longer how many times I refresh.

    This site suggests using the Nook Study program to download; I haven’t tried this yet.

    I tried to split my ebook purchases across Amazon and B&N because I believe in supporting both vendors. Unfortunately, B&N has officially made it too difficult for me to use their site. Thank goodness I’d long since downloaded and Calibre-ized the many hundreds of books I’d previously gotten from eReader (later bought by B&N) or I’d be out several thousands spent on digital media.

    • Yeah, B&N just changed their encryption, so there’s no current DRM removal to back up your content. Amazon’s Kindle for PC still works, but their Windows 8 is fragmenting the files. I think I may just stop purchasing e-books and stick with library rentals or hard copies. It’s too risky.

      • DRM can still be removed from B&N books using the new encryption, the key is just located in a different place. The current removal tools from Apprentice Alf’s blog is setup to handle the process. Also, all Windows 8 apps fragment files, so that’s nothing new and isn’t unique to the Kindle app.

  10. Thanks for this. I was going nuts trying to use the ‘new’ win8 app. I run everything from the desktop, and from what I could figure out, Nook was the only software I have installed that I had to run from the new tile interface. The link to the old pc version saved my sanity.

    • You still may encounter some problems downloading or if you try to remove the DRM so that you can read your Nook books on other devices. B&N recently changed how they generate the DRM key that they tie to ebooks. Apparently the new key code can be found using the Nook Study program. There’s info about it on the Apprentice Alf blog. I’ll probably do a post about it tomorrow so that people know what’s going on with their purchased Nook books.

  11. YIKES…anyone noticed Nook Study is now defunct?!? Now it’s Yuzu. I haven’t tried it out yet. Hopefully we can still download our ebooks with it. I only see a mobile version, web version and Windows 8.1 app for Yuzu, though. Boooooooooo! Goodbye, B&N!

  12. Fraud is a broad term that refers to a variety of offenses involving dishonesty or “fraudulent acts”. In essence, fraud is the intentional deception of a person or entity by another made for monetary or personal gain. Isn’t this what B&N are doing?? Selling
    something and keeping it from the buyer???

    • Thanks…I thought I was the only one thinking this. If I can buy it but can’t “have” it, then isn’t it just a loan?

      If my Nook breaks (which it will, eventually), how do I get the books I BOUGHT?”

  13. Just download Greasemonkey and the java script code, now how do I use it to save my Nook books on my pc?

    • I haven’t used it personally so I don’t know for sure but I think it just adds links to download Nook books from your Nook library at B&N like there used to be before they removed the option.

      • I have no idea how to do that either. Cam someone who uses Greasemonkey help me? I am not very computer literate. Thanks

        • Also don’t know how to use Greasemonkey. I’ve installed it on my chrome, and maybe (?) put in the code correctly, but nothing looks different on the B&N screen. Any tips? Thanks –

  14. I have been having similar issues, I purchased several Ebooks this past week and all worked fine, and then a couple I purchased today would not unlock on my nook or on my pc and it kept telling me that I needed a default credit card set up which it already is. I have spent hours trying to make it work to no avail. Tomorrow I will try to call customer support, but in case that doesn’t work can anyone help me with removing the DRM so I can at least download them to my PC?

    • As of June 2015 BN changed encryption method and no longer uses credit card. No PC desktop application (Nook for PC or Nook Study will properly generate the encryption key, and the website no longer allows downloads. The ONLY working method is to use a win 8.1 or win 10 machine with the app from the store. This correctly downloads and generates the encrytion key. Calibre with Alf DeDRM does work on these books. The Nook app downloaded epubs are stored in a new place, users app data local packages BN. You canpoint calibre with plugin there.

      • David is this the method you would recommend I try since I have windows 10? And can I possibly convert only a few books from my library and try to open them on a kindle app before I purchase an additional device ?

        • These comments were left a long time ago so you probably won’t get an answer, and I’m not much help because I don’t know which way works anymore, but I would suggest visiting the Apprentice Alf blog for updated information on how to reclaim your purchased Nook books. Leave a comment over there and someone will know how to help.

  15. Are there still options available to Windows 7 users?
    Nook Study and Nook for PC do not work anymore.
    I modified greesemonkey script to include updated B&N webpages.
    I installed ifunbox, but do not see where the books are located.
    Anyone having luck still?

  16. Anyone having luck still?

    Dagnabbit, I’m 67 years old. I’ve used computers since CP/M and PC-Talk. I just discovered 2 new science fiction authors, found the only books available are on Nook, paid upwards of $12 for them — and then find they can’t be downloaded to either Mac or PC.

    How hard is it going to be to get a refund?

    And how do these people stay in business?
    What’s so effing hard about ASCII text files?

  17. Can you tell me how to get my paid ebooks from my iPad Air to my Mac? I downloaded them to the iPad Nook app, but since the app is no longer going to be supported, I’m trying to get my purchased books (few, but expensive and important) to the mac. I’ve tried Calibre, but can’t find the files on the iPad Air. I’ve tried iFunbox but my Mac wouldn’t allow it to open because of “security issues”. I know we’re on a deadline here (15 March 2016), and I’ve been trying ever since the UK Guardian published the article last week, without success. Any other suggestions?

    • Sorry I don’t use Apple’s products so I can’t offer much help. Have you tried using iFunbox for iOS as mentioned above?

  18. Greasemonkey no longer works on Barnes and Noble, I’m quite disappointed.

    • B&N just doesn’t want to play nice with Nook books. I’m not sure the best way to download their books anymore. Let us know if you figure it out.

  19. I just found out that there is no longer any “nook for mac/pc” app and when I go online to try to read my books it only allows you to to view a sample. So essentially what they have done is ended my access to the many, many books I have purchased unless I use a phone or their reader? It does not look like there is any way to download the books to my computer anymore since I don’t have the computer app and B&N does not allow you to access the book from your online account. This seems like it should be pretty criminal since they are essentially taking back purchased content from their customers without providing any kind of refund….Even if they have gotten rid of the computer app there is no reason you should not be able to access your purchased content online through your account and all I can find online about this is that people have been complaining and that B&N said a year ago that they “were working on it”….

  20. Sounds like it is time for a class-action suit.

  21. Credit Card info in Nook Devices?

    I just found this stream of B&N Nook comments, so I don’t know whether the following is new, but it is sure FRIGHTENING to me:

    According to B&N support, every Nook download, whether Purchased or FREE, now requires VALID credit card information, which 2 different support people (via both CHAT and 1-800-THE-BOOK) tell me is now actually ATTACHED to each Nook file (supposedly to Prevent duplication to other readers).

    Well, that might prevent voluntary duplication of files, but what about the event of a Nook device, containing CCard-attached Nook file(s), being stolen?

    A thief with a hacker would find much more value in the attached CCard info, than in the Nook Books stolen.

    Neither rep had any answer for me. In fact, the rep at 1-800-THE-BOOK just hung up on me.

    • It’s encrypted. Or at least it should be. Who knows with B&N…

      • I checked some of my Nook Book files and was unable to find my credit card number embedded in the file. Of course this does not mean that it is impossible to get the number, but is certainly is not easy. Actually, I believe that B&N creates a unique de-encryption code based on the credit card number but does not use the number itself.

  22. I don’t understand why all the fuss. I was starting to freak out thinking I couldn’t download my own purchased Nook Books with all this talk. But I have the desktop E-Reader. I downloaded every single one of my nook books from there. And then put them all in Calibre just to have them there for backup. It was super easy. Just time consuming because I have over 400 ebooks. But I don’t understand why everyone is having a hard time.

    • We’re having a hard time because some of us no longer have the desktop E-Reader. I had it on a previous laptop but got a new one last summer, now I can’t download new book files and can only access them on my tablet. Sometimes I don’t have my tablet so this is a problem. Personally, I’m switching over to Kindle since they still have a desktop program and I can easily convert the files in Calibre.

  23. I just downloaded Nook for PC 2.5.6, logged in to B&N and downloaded my books. Opened the folder and they opened right up in Calibre. You can download the app here:

    Hope that helps!

    • Sorry but I had to remove the link to that website because they are scam artists that steal code from open source programs to create their DRM removal software which they then sell to unsuspecting folks that don’t know it can be done for free with the original open source tools.

    • Need one more tidbit of info November 8, 2016 at 7:51 pm

      I have Nook for PC 2.5.6 installed.

      I’m logged into my B&N account.

      I can see my library listed.

      I don’t see anywhere that allows me to download them.

      I already have Calibre installed also.

      Please help…where is that Download button?

      Many thanks.

      • Now that you can see your ebooks on Nook for PC 2.5.6, click the OPTIONS button under the information for the ebook and then click the download button. Your files will be saved to your Documents folder in a new folder called My Barnes & Noble eBooks.

        It was really very easy and I was even able to download the free ebooks too.

  24. I have purchased books from B&N for years even before the e readers became the way we read books. At this point I will be switching to Kendle and will no longer do business with B&N for any reason!

    B&N basically violated their user contract by changing the way the have done business with their customers for years. Every purchaser has a right to their product after purchase.

    If everyone impacted by this stops doing business with B&N it could affect their bottom line in a major way.

  25. I just noticed that one of my newest (Nov. 2016 Nook books (purchased from B&N) is in the My Barnes & Noble Ebooks folder on my Mac laptop.

    It’s definitely the epub file: I was able to add it to my Calibre library.

    I don’t think I did anything different when I purchased it, but I wish I could do it again!

    Anyone have any ideas?

    • You must have checked the “automatically download recent purchases” box under Settings > Reader Settings. That’s a great feature that will always add your new ebooks to your My Barnes & Noble eBooks folder.

  26. I have the Nook for PC app and it used to download my Nook books just fine. I see people saying as late as last month that they can still do it. I can’t however. I bought one book from B&N around June and it still won’t download to my Nook PC app. I can get it on my Nook, but I would prefer to read it on my PC. Larger screen. Anyone have any ideas?

    • I don’t know of any options that work anymore. The one thing that would probably work is to use the Nook to download your books and then transfer them to your computer to remove the DRM and use a different program to read them, such as Calibre.

      • How do I do that? When I search my nook it only shows the books I’ve uploaded to it. Nothing I’ve downloaded from B&N is showing up as a file on it.

        • Sorry but I don’t know of a practical way to download Nook books anymore. I stopped buying Nook books a long time ago when B&N started pulling these kind of shenanigans. My advice: don’t buy ebooks from B&N.

    • download nook for pc 2.5.6 I found it on website. log into your account open the book you want to dl then close it go to my stuff click add new item it will save it pay attention to what folder then go documents on your pc you should see a folder called my Barnes and Noble ebooks the book should be there you can do whatever you want to do with it then.

  27. I have a manual I purchased, but I can’t save it to the cloud because it isn’t classified as a book in nook, but a file. I have it on my Samsung Galaxy Note tablet. Any suggestions? I can’t seem to find it on my tablet anywhere except in nook.

  28. Margret Rosenberg May 15, 2017 at 1:57 am

    I just downloaded Nook for PC to my Windows 7 computer. (CNet still has it available.) I installed it with no trouble and gave it my account information (email address and password), which it had no trouble authenticating. Then I tried to get it to synch with my library and it found *nothing*. So I tried hooking my Nook Color to the computer and synching that way. It asked for my Adobe ID and password, which I gave it. It asked me to authorize both the PC and the Nook, which I did. Then I again attempted to synch, and Nook for PC *still* found nothing!

    I must conclude that B&N has deliberately disabled any access by Nook for PC, as part of its partnership with Microsoft which “encourages” people to “upgrade” their OS to Window 8.1 or 10. The only technique that I can now find for downloading Nook books to the PC is via Nook for Android, which means either downloading them to a smart phone (as if I had that much room on my phone) or installing the Windows version of Android.

    • Who knows what B&N is doing with the Nook anymore but the Microsoft partnership ended quite awhile ago and they lost a ton of money on the Nook deal.

  29. Working as of 5/16/2017.

    I purchases a book from the Barnes and Noble website but there was no download link for the epub file like they use too. I was able to view the ebook on my android tablet just fine, but I wanted the epub file as a backup just in case something happen. After a lot of research I was able to download the epub file and remove the DRM encryption. Here are the steps and please post a comment if this works for you.

    I use Google search to find all the software versions and instructions.

    – Download Nook for PC 2.5.6 the old version.
    – Download Calibre 2.85.1
    – Download Apprentice Alf DeDRM –

    – Install Nook for PC and download the epub file from your library. (go to your library, click the options button then download. Verify in your Documents folder that the epub file downloaded)
    – Install Calibre. (straight forward)
    – Install Apprentice Alf DeDRM plugin into Calibre. (instructions online)

    – Configure the DeDRM plugin so that it can retrieve your encryption key from Barnes and Noble (you’ll need to enter your Barnes and Noble email and password in order to retrieve the encryption keys from Barnes and Noble servers. If you are scared, changed your password after you verify that everything is working.

    This worked for me and I hope it works for everyone.


  30. Very helpful thread, thanks. Has anyone run into this? I found Nook for PC, got my library to show up. But when I try to download, it says I have to verify my payment method for my account. I updated my card on file on the web, but that didn’t help. (I am only using Nook because I got that class action settlement credit.) Thanks.

    • Small update: Using the Windows 10 Nook App (tile on Start screen vs. the .exe on traditional desktop) works – I can log in and download. Not sure if it is still available in the Windows Store but it might work for others as well. This will be fine for now but am still curious about the desktop app not working.

  31. Please, I do not see recent posts: I have just purchased a Samsung Nook and would like to download ebooks. The Barnes and Noble website seems unavailable to provide downloads. How am I to download to my device, or transfer from a Laptop to my device?