Kobo Deals: $99 Aura with Free Cover; up to 70% off eBooks

Kobo Sales

As the holiday shopping season comes to a close, there are still some good deals to be had on Kobo ebooks and some Kobo devices.

The original 6-inch Kobo Aura is marked down to $99 as part of Kobo’s Boxing Week Deals. That’s $40 off the regular price. The sale is ongoing at Kobo.com and Chapters.

Once again, Chapters has the better deal on the Kobo Aura because they’re also throwing in a free cover, which normally costs an extra $30. For a limited time you can also get a free ebook from this list.

The Kobo Arc 7HD, Kobo’s current 7-inch tablet, is also on sale. A few Canadian retailers, including Future Shop and Best Buy, have the Arc 7HD marked down to $99. That’s actually a pretty good price for a 7-inch tablet with a high resolution screen (323 ppi), a quad-core processor, and open Android 4.2.

Kobo is running some sales on ebooks as well. They are offering up to 70% off ebooks on this list, and 35% off ebooks on this list. The sale runs through January 5th. They also have some magazine bundle deals and 99¢ magazine deals from this list, valid through January 8th.

One Response to “Kobo Deals: $99 Aura with Free Cover; up to 70% off eBooks”

  1. $99 for a Kobo Aura. Isn’t that the same price for a Kindle Paperwhite? For a few seconds, I was tempted to get this Kobo Aura. However, it seems to be an old model. (last review by you was from Oct 2013)

    Besides, these days, a tablet costs less than $99 would perform as an eReader. Don’t get me wrong. A tablet is not a dedicated eReader. Still, lately, I found out the screen from tablet (with Moon Reader) is acceptable for eReading. I am still exploring that area. Of course, battery is a concern for using tablet.