Boyue T62+ Has Upgraded E Ink Carta Display, Costs $118

Boyue T62 plus

The Boyue T62 is one of the best options for an Android-powered E Ink ebook reader on the current market, and it recently got even better with the release of the Boyue T62+, a newer updated version.

There appears to be only one main difference between the T62+ and the regular T62: the screen. The original T62 has an E Ink Pearl display, and the plus model features E Ink’s newer Carta screen technology.

It’s virtually impossible to tell the difference between the two different types of screens unless you place them side-by-side, as noted in my E Ink Carta vs Pearl review.

Carta screens have slightly better contrast, text is darker and the background color is lighter, with more of a subtle yellow hue rather than grey.

E Ink claims that Carta screens have 50% better contrast than Pearl screens. In reality the difference doesn’t seem anywhere near that great, but there is a noticeable improvement, so it’s good to see the Boyue T62 getting updated to the latest screen tech.

What’s even better is that the price has remained the same. The Boyue T62+ sells for $118 with free shipping from It’s also available on eBay for $135 and from third-party merchants at Amazon, but the price is much higher at $175.

Last month I reviewed the Energy eReader Pro, which is a rebranded T62, and it’s definitely one of the better and more stable Android-powered ebook readers on the market. The only problem with the Boyue version is they don’t come with Google Play pre-installed to install Android apps; you have to root the device and install Google apps yourself, whereas the Energy eReader Pro comes with Google apps preloaded.

24 Responses to “Boyue T62+ Has Upgraded E Ink Carta Display, Costs $118”

  1. Ye.. T62+ is Carta & Long battery times than T62 but Maybe unfortunately T62+ is not adapted regal waveform tech.

    It’s some disappoint to me

  2. Just recently bought Energysistem ereader pro and its Amazing but PDF viewing is disappointing- when I zoom in.

    Is there any app that view PDF ?

    • There are dozens of PDF apps for Android. You’ll have to test them to see how well they work. I haven’t tried any on a 6-inch E Ink ereader in a long time so can’t offer any specific suggestions.

  3. Thanks for the good news Nathan.

  4. Hello Nathan,

    Which e-reader would you recommend? The Boyue T62+ or the Onyx T68?

    My criteria for choosing would be:

    1- Build quality.
    2- The Boyue has an E-Ink Carta while the Onyx has a pearl, but the onyx has a larger display. I can’t decide on that since I haven’t seen any of the screens.

    3- Software implementation and speed.

    4- The Boyue has a 2800 mah battery while the Onyx has a 1700 mah battery.

    On taobao, they say that there are some updates to the T68 which fixes the lowest brightness settings (v1.63), fixes the touch (v1.65) and that v1.7 which will be released in April will upgrade the android to v4.4 from v4.0 which is supposed to increase the performance.

    I will root the any of those devices once I get, so the presence of the Google Play out of the box is not an issue.

    I like the Kindle Voyage and will not mind paying the premium price, but I would prefer having an Android based reader.

    So which of those devices would you recommend, or would you recommend another device all together or advise me to wait for another device that will be released in the near future. (I currently own a nook, the one without back light).

    Thank you.

    • That’s a tough one. Personally I like the T68 a little better because of the larger higher-resolution screen, it has a much better built-in PDF app, and it supports Bluetooth. Unfortunately the quality control is not so good. There are too many reported hardware issues between the poor touchscreen responsiveness, the freezing up, and boot loop problems. The T62 is a lot more reliable from my experience, both hardware and software.

  5. between energy reader pro and T68+ , which one you choose?
    I saw backlight of erader pro is worst and other aspects are the same.Specialy screen quality isn’t important as voyage and pw are looks same for me.

    I would like to take energy sistem pro just because of better quality and costumer support.what do u say? they have 3 years of warranty

    • I mean T62+

    • They are the exact same so it doesn’t really matter. The eReader Pro has Google Play without rooting; that’s about the only difference. It’s supposed to be getting the Carta screen too, but I don’t know when that goes into effect. The fine print indicates the 3 year warranty is only valid in places like the European Union that requires it; otherwise it’s whatever is mandated by the country where you live.

  6. The front-light seem to be improved a lot on the newer version too as can be seen in these videos comparing the T62 they bought recently in March from (which means it’s T62+) with both Energy Sistem eReader Pro (T62) and Icarus Illumina E563 (the older T61):

    • I received my T62+ 2 weeks ago and its packaging, front-light, and looks are the same as the one in the above videos. It’s an amazing device and the front-light and battery life are impressing!

      The preloaded apps suck tho (like most other Android devices). Adobe reader, Moon+ Reader (Pro), Mantano Reader (Premium), and Aldiko (Premium) all work a lot better, faster, are more responsive, and have lots of more options to adjust the fonts, visuals, or whatever for best text/image quality!

      • Hi hob
        hobj just orderd my t62+, and iunderstand, i’l need to root it and install google play in order to get the extra apps.
        I have a link to a t62 root guide, but where do i get the google play apk?

        • You can download Google Apps packs from Team Android. Just make sure to get the ones for Android 4.2.2. I haven’t rooted an ereader in a long time though so I’m not sure exactly what apps you need to install.

    • Sorry, hob, but I don’t link to those Goodereader losers in any way shape or form. They have no integrity whatsoever. They outright lie to people and make up stories just to get attention, and they steal story ideas from me all the time without giving credit, sometimes ripping sentences word for word. In fact they take stories from a lot of places and never give credit.

      • Yeah I try not to link to their website/videos as much as possible. They recently banned me from commenting on their website for no apparent reason lol (Probably because I complained a lot about the incorrect information in their posts/vids)!

        Many of their reviews/videos are biased and don’t contain much useful information anyway.

        • I tried watching one of their videos a few months ago and was astonished by how much misinformation was in it. It’s like they get an ereader in and then use it for about half an hour before posting a review. I don’t understand the purpose of that. I guess it’s so they can funnel people to their store where they charge 25%-100% above retail price for ereaders.

  7. It looks like Energy Simstem now sells the Ereader Pro+, which has a Carta screen:

  8. Oops, sorry. You already wrote an article about the Energy Sistem Pro+ on May 7th, and somehow I missed it. You’re way ahead of me; thanks!

  9. i have the energy sistem ereader pro + and overall great. However it’s useless for pdf in any way shape or form. The light is way to bright on lowest setting and text to speach is not supported. The pdf i understand but the light and lack of tts is just weird.

    Thanks for your blog