Sony DPT-S1 PDF Reader Now $200 Cheaper

Sony DPT-S1 PDF Reader

Sony’s specialized 13.3-inch E Ink PDF reader keeps getting cheaper and cheaper all the time. The price just dropped by $200, and that’s after a $100 price decrease last October.

At $799 from the Sony Store, it’s still not exactly a bargain, but at least Sony’s price-reducing trend is promising.

When the Sony DPT-S1 first arrived in the United States last May, it was only available from a few select businesses; Sony didn’t even sell it to the public from their website until August of 2014.

Initially the price of Sony’s PDF reader was set at $1100. But some sellers on eBay and Amazon were selling it for as high as $1350 to $1500, and that was for the imported Japanese version.

A couple months after Sony started selling it from their website they dropped the price to $999. Now six months later it’s down to $799. If they could somehow find a way to get it down closer to $500 a lot more people would be interested in getting one.

The unique screen tech is what jacks the price up so high compared to other E Ink ereaders. The Sony DPT-S1 is currently the only ereader you can get that has a 13.3-inch E Ink Mobius display. Unlike regular ereaders, Mobius displays are plastic-based, making them much more durable and lightweight than typical glass-based screens.

A few other companies have announced new 13.3-inch ereaders, including Netronix and PocketBook. Hopefully Sony’s price decrease will help keep the prices down on those devices as well, if they ever get released.

4 Responses to “Sony DPT-S1 PDF Reader Now $200 Cheaper”

  1. I’m just waiting for this one to get in my price range! I was hoping that they would be heavily discounting them by now due to poor sales, but it may take another couple years for that.

    • I was wondering if the price cut is because they are starting to sell more units and production costs are going down. But it’s probably more likely that they aren’t selling very many at all, and need to thin out inventory.

  2. I think the cost reduction is mainly because of yen/dollar price change, and not because of its popularity.

    31 May 2015, 1 USD = 124 Yen
    1 June 2014, 1 USD = 100 Yen

  3. I want one of them… why not selling in UK?!!! It’s just the device of my dreams, i want try it!!!