Energy eReader Pro + with Carta Screen Released

Energy eReader Pro +

Energy Sistem has introduced an updated version of the Energy eReader Pro, called the eReader Pro +, that upgrades the screen from E Ink Pearl to E Ink Carta.

This is the same upgrade as the Boyue T62+, as they are the same device with different brands.

Carta screens are E Ink’s newer display technology. Blacks are a little darker and the screen background is a little lighter in tone, improving overall contrast.

Honestly most people wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between Pearl and Carta unless you had them both side-by-side, but it’s always good to have better contrast, even if it’s not a significantly noticeable difference.

Aside from the screen difference, the + model has all the same exact features and specs as the regular eReader Pro.

It runs Android 4.2.2 and supports Google Play, there’s 8 gigs of internal storage space, a microSD card slot, frontlight, capacitive touchscreen, dual-core processor, and a headphone jack.

Check out my Energy eReader Pro review for more details about the device and to see a video walkthrough. Below is the link to the listing for the newer + model on Energy Sistem’s website:

Energy eReader Pro +

2 Responses to “Energy eReader Pro + with Carta Screen Released”

  1. hmmm i wonder if their stock ROM is better than Boyue’s for the same device (T62D ie T62+)?

    • Not sure which one is best, but there are reports at MobileRead of people testing different ROMs to see which works best. Sounds like people like the Energy eReader firmware better.