How to Tell Kindle Paperwhite Generations Apart


Now that Amazon has released the third generation Kindle Paperwhite, it’s going to make things even more confusing for people that are trying to tell the different generations apart.

This is especially important and often comes into play on the secondary market when buying and selling Kindle Paperwhites used, or if you’re buying one in a retail store or on sale it’s often unclear which version is being sold.

Technically there are four different variations of Kindle Paperwhites. There are two versions of the second-gen Paperwhite, one with 2GB of onboard storage space and one with 4GB. The way to tell is to go to Settings > Menu > Device Info to view available space.

The software is essentially the exact same on all three generations of Paperwhites, so you aren’t going to be able to determine anything from a software standpoint.

Since all three generations of Kindle Paperwhites basically look the exact same, here’s how to tell them apart:

1. The Kindle Paperwhite 1 has a big “Kindle” logo on the back.

2. Both the Paperwhite 2 and 3 say “Amazon” on the back instead of Kindle.

3. The 2nd gen Paperwhite has a light “Kindle” logo on the front below the screen and a dark “Amazon” logo on the back.

4. The “Kindle” logo on the front of the 3rd gen Paperwhite is blacked out and blends in with the bezel, and the “Amazon” logo on the back is indented with no added black color like on the 2nd gen model.

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  1. Except that if you try to find the latest firmware, Amazon call them 5th, 6th and 7th generation!

    • Thank you! It’s so confusing the way Amazon names their devices. It’s the 1st paperwhite, but let’s call it “Paperwhite Generation 5″…make NO sense!

  2. AWESOME!!! Thank you so much

  3. my paperwhite has a light Kindle on front, dark big Kindle on back and light amazon on back.

    • Sounds like it’s the Paperwhite 2, the 6th gen.

    • If it says kindle on the back it is first generation. Second and third generations only say amazon on the back. Re-read step one, and then ignore all other instructions because you already have your answer.

  4. Which one is this?

  5. First straightforward answer I got to this question. Thanks.

  6. Will the leather cover for the 1st generation paperwhite fit the newest paperwhite?

  7. Dear Kindle,

    My Kindle paper white is 1st generation and what generation of Kindles is it? Does the latest paperwhite come with WiFi and 3G?

    thank you, Frann

    • I would like to know this too as i just bought a kindle paperwhite 7th gen thats what it says on the box but everywhere i read it only says the paperwhite has 1st 2nd and 3rd gen..

  8. The white 7th generation paper whites (version 3) have a light “kindle” on the front below the screen.

  9. Do all Kindles use the same power charger? I’ve lost mine and need to purchase a new one. I don’t want to get the wrong one.

    • They’re all basically the same. If you have one laying around from a phone or tablet you could use it too. I never use an official Kindle charger.

  10. Are they with the exactly same size? Thanks!

  11. I believe I have Generation 4 Amazonkindle is white on front above screen
    amazonkindle is same color as the case and 1s pressed in.
    It does not have a light in the system.
    I love my paperwhite but it is acting up…

    what generation is this?
    and can I use any upgrades?
    And how do I make the reader stay on the last page I read?
    It use to stay on last page I read.

    Why does my battery not last?
    is there a cover I can by with a light and a battery boster

  12. Jacquelyn Williams March 14, 2017 at 8:53 am

    Please send me an e mail telling me a simple way to go directly to the table of contents. Is there an icon for that? I have a paperwhite 7th generation.

  13. I have a kindle paperwhite but I’m not sure what generation. The article didn’t really help. It has no touch screen or backlight. It has buttons on the side to turn pages. There is a navigation pad and a few more buttons on the bottom. Oh and it has wifi but it’s really hard to navigate.

  14. I need to replace the battery in what Amazon call a 6th Generation Kindle Paperwhite. However the battery suppliers all seem to user different terminology to describe the model (i.e. Kindle Paperwhite 2013, B024, EY21 etc.). Are there different batteries (shape, size & power) for the different paperwhite models?

  15. thank very helpful

  16. I am trying to help my hubby set up his new kindle. What generation is it? I just got it from Amazon. It has a shiny Amazon on the back, and the sn starts with G000.

  17. There is no “device info” choice under settings on a Gen 1 Kindle.

  18. I have a kindle which is called 7th generation but there is no backlight. In front there is a light “kindle” writing and the back there is amazon it is bright. It’s model is WP63GW. Which model is this?

  19. How to transfer books from a old kindle to new I know can be done with Amazon email but I’ve not got this email now?

  20. My new Kindle has a serial number starting G090G……

    Is this 3G and WiFi? I cannot seem to find out on the web.

    Many thanks

  21. At this time I believe the latest “generation” Kindle Paperwhite is a 3 ……the other “generation” references are about the firmware 7 or 8…I still can’t determine if I have the latest Paperwhite…front bottom is light silver word Kindle and backside is word Kindle (embossed black color) and smaller word Amazon black at bottom. Why is it so confusing to determine since I want to BUY the very latest Paperwhite ???

  22. I have a Kindle Paperwhite(10th Generation 8GB) which I received as a gift for Christmas It appears to have locked up and will not operate. I thought it needed to be recharged but it will not recharge or power off. Any suggestions as what to do?

  23. David Peralez March 3, 2019 at 7:53 pm

    I’m looking for an e-reader ez to hold in one hand in bed with page turn buttons & swipe screen with light. Front lit with auto rotate & can use pdf’s. Please help! Thanks so much.

  24. It is indeed very frustrating the way Amazon describes their Kindles, Paperwhite or otherwise. Generations? Come on now, Amazon!! how about if you just disclose the YEAR any of your Kindles were given birth? Mr. Bezos, would YOU buy a Toyota or a Rolls Royce according to their “generation” OR would you base your purchase on their year? Your way to describe your Kindles release is nothing but a confusing mess to the customers who have made you worth billions!!!