Kindle Sale: $49 Kindle Touch, $79 Fire HD 7, & More

Fire HD 7

It’s been awhile since any Kindles were on sale (except for Prime Day, and these deals are just as good so what was the point?). This week there are some pretty good savings to be had if you’re in the market for a cheap new Kindle ereader or Fire tablet.

Amazon’s authorized retailers like Best Buy and Staples have a few different Kindle models on sale, which is weird because the devices are still full price at Amazon, and they almost never let retailers sell Kindles for less than what they sell for at—it wouldn’t be surprising to see them go on sale there too at some point this week.

For the most part the sales only include the entry-level models, not the more expensive devices.

The entry-level Kindle Touch is marked down from $79 to $49, which is about as cheap as it gets for a new Kindle.

Both 6-inch and 7-inch Fire HD tablets are also on sale. Both are marked down to $79. That’s $60 off the 7-inch model and $20 off the 6-inch Fire HD.

Best Buy also lists the Fire HD Kids models at $20/$60 off the regular price. The 7-inch Kindle Fire HDX is also $20 off at $179.

Update: Unfortunately this sale only lasted like a day or two, super lame. Usually retailers run sales for a full week. What a rip…

Here are the links to find the sales:

Best Buy Kindle Tablets
Best Buy $49 Kindle
Staple’s Kindle List

3 Responses to “Kindle Sale: $49 Kindle Touch, $79 Fire HD 7, & More”

  1. I have both 6-inch and 7-inch Fire HD tablets and the Kindle Touch.
    Now the Fire HDs are worth the price because they seem to me to be really rugged and won’t slip out of your hands. The 7″ has stereo (6″ doesn’t) because the speakers are set far enough apart. At $79 I bought mine sometime in March, threw it in my backpack without a case and took it on a Greyhound bus all the way to Florida and back to California. Not one scratch on it. Like I said before here on another post; if it wasn’t for the lousy GUI it would be the best… hell if you can get past the GUI and just enjoy movies and games you can’t beat it for $79!

    • Yeah, the Fire HDs offer a surprising combination of durability and low price. They feel really solid, unlike most cheap tablets with weak frames and flexing plastic. Like you say the software is what holds them back. I bet if they were regular open Android 5.0 tablets they would sell twice as many at that price, at least.

  2. We’re approaching new product intro season.
    Amazon may have allowed those sales to reduce inventory ahead of new models incoming.

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