Nice Magnetic Auto Wake/Sleep Kindle Covers for $5

Swees Kindle Cover

As mentioned yesterday, Amazon is taking $20 off the Kindle Paperwhite 3 and the basic Kindle through Wednesday.

Amazon is hoping that customers will add-on one of their expensive $40-$60 covers to make up for the discount, but there’s no need to spend that much when you can get a good cover for under $5.

Yeah, you read that right. You can get a Kindle Paperwhite cover for only $5. $4 for the basic Kindle. That’s more like it.

I don’t know how long the prices will stay that low; I just happened to come across them this morning. It could be the regular price for all I know, but I doubt it because they’re always changing.

The covers are Swees Ultra Slim covers. They have the auto sleep/wake feature and are made from synthetic leather.

One thing to note, the Paperwhite cover says that it only fits the 2012 and 2013 models. Obviously it fits the 2015 Paperwhite 3 too because it’s the exact same size as the other two. They just haven’t updated the listing yet.

Here are the links:

Kindle Paperwhite Swees Slim Cover
Kindle Swees Slim Cover

The Paperwhite cover is available in black, carbon black, gold (more like tan), and mint green. The entry-level Kindle has the option for black or carbon black.

It’s definitely a good cover for under $5. I thought I got a good deal when I paid twice that much for the same cover for the Kindle Voyage.

Here’s my Swees Ultra Slim cover review for a closer look.

I still have the cover and it has held up well over the past eleven months. It still looks like new, in fact.

Maybe I’m just cheap but if it looks good and it gets the job done for $5, I don’t see the point in spending $60 for Amazon’s Premium Leather Kindle Cover.

5 Responses to “Nice Magnetic Auto Wake/Sleep Kindle Covers for $5”

  1. Am I the only person who really just wishes for a tupperware like cover that I can clip onto the front of the screen to protect it from impacts/scratches while in my bag? Even the most minimal folding covers are bulky and kind of annoying and I don’t need protection for the back of the device.

    • You’re not the only one. I posted an article over three years ago asking for the same thing: a tupperware-like lid to cover the screen, which I dubbed Nook Touch Lids. Still haven’t seen anything like it though.

      Normally I don’t like the added bulkiness of covers either, especially with tablets. But this Swees cover fits really tight and doesn’t add much weight. It actually makes it a lot easier for me to hold the Kindle Voyage because it’s so thin and the edges are so tapered that I find it difficult to hold without a cover, especially when holding along the sides to use the page sensor buttons.

  2. They also have the covers for the 6″ Kindle Fire that came out last October. I did a search and just bought one for $4.99.

  3. Check ebay for recurring specials on the authentic onyx cover for the Paperwhite. I got mine used in like new condition for $15 with free shipping. I had the Swees cover before and its a nice cover for $5 but nowhere near the quality of the authentic onyx.

  4. I would recommend getting covers made for the Kindle 4 as they come with straps and fit all the recent Kindles (Touch and Paperwhite) – you can find covers from quality manufacturers like Belkin, M-Edge etc. I would recommend M-Edge; you can also get the clip on light for the M-Edge for a very good price, if you own a Kindle Touch. The only drawback is that they don’t come with auto-wake function.