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Kindle Cork Cover

Have You Seen Amazon’s New Water-Safe Cork Cover for Kindle Paperwhite?

Amazon has released a new premium water-safe cork cover for the latest Kindle Paperwhite. As far as Kindle covers go it’s pretty unique. The Kindle cork cover is available in tan or brown and it sells for $44.99 at Amazon, and it’s only available for the 10th gen waterproof Kindle Paperwhite. Considering the Kindle Paperwhite […]

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Kobo Forma Case

3rd Party Kobo Forma Covers Finally Starting to Surface

If you have a Kobo Forma and don’t want to buy Kobo’s official cover, a few cheaper alternatives have finally started to become available online. Whoever’s idea it was to charge $50 for Kobo’s PU leather cover was crazy; they should be using real leather for that price. Even Amazon isn’t that greedy, and their […]

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Kindle Oasis Premium Leather Cover

New Premium Leather Cover for Kindle Oasis 2

Earlier this month Amazon finally started selling their own official covers for the Kindle Oasis 2 after nearly a year since they stopped selling the original covers that got a bunch of negative reviews. Now Amazon has added a third option with their new Kindle Oasis Premium Leather Cover, which is currently available to pre-order. […]

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Walnew Kindle Stand Cover

10 Alternative Covers for Kindle Paperwhite 4 (10th Generation)

The new waterproof Kindle Paperwhite 4 was just released less than 3 weeks ago, and a bunch of third-party covers are already available for it (meanwhile I’ve still yet to see a single third-party cover for the Kobo Forma). Amazon offers three different cases of their own for the new Kindle Paperwhite, including a fabric […]

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Kindle Oasis Amazon Covers

Amazon Has New Leather and Fabric Covers for Kindle Oasis 2

With the release of the new Kindle Paperwhite, Amazon has also started taking pre-orders for new Kindle Oasis 2 covers that are getting released on November 14th. It took them a full year but Amazon has finally come out with some new official Kindle Oasis covers. They’re a lot different than the original covers that […]

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Kindle Paperwhite 4 Cases

3 Cover Options from Amazon for New Kindle Paperwhite

With the upcoming release of the new 4th gen Kindle Paperwhite (10 generation overall), Amazon is offering three different types of cover choices for it, with several color options as well. The covers are getting released on November 7th, the same day as the new Kindle Paperwhite. All the covers have the auto sleep/wake feature […]

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Ayotu Kindle Oasis Cover

New Ayotu Covers for Kindle Oasis 2 are Like Amazon’s Covers

While we’re on the topic of covers and cases for the Kindle Oasis 2 this past week, some have mentioned the new Ayotu covers that fit the unique design of the Kindle Oasis. The Ayotu cases are similar to Amazon’s original covers, except they lack the diagonal crease across the center that allows the cover […]

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Casebot Kindle Oasis Case

Kindle Oasis 2 CaseBot Case Review, Plus Amazon Cover Comparison (Video)

I decided to get one of the CaseBot fabric cases for the Kindle Oasis 2 to see how it compares to Amazon’s fabric cover that originally sold with the Kindle Oasis when it first came out, which I reviewed a few months back. Both covers are similar in texture and feel, but the CaseBot case […]

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