3rd Party Kobo Forma Covers Finally Starting to Surface

Kobo Forma Case

If you have a Kobo Forma and don’t want to buy Kobo’s official cover, a few cheaper alternatives have finally started to become available online.

Whoever’s idea it was to charge $50 for Kobo’s PU leather cover was crazy; they should be using real leather for that price. Even Amazon isn’t that greedy, and their Kindle covers are expensive.

You can get a similar style cover like the Kobo case that doubles as a stand for just $15 with free shipping (pictured above).

There are some even cheaper covers for around $10 as well.

But there still aren’t very many to choose from at this point so if you find some more Kobo Forma cases feel free to post a link in the comments section.

Kobo Forma Covers

MOSISO PU Leather Case – This is the cover pictured above that has the same look as the official Kobo cover (minus the unsightly Rakuten Kobo logo). You can fold the front flap back to prop it up as a stand, and it has the auto wake/sleep function. It comes in brown, black, and rose gold. It currently sells for $14.99 with free shipping, $14.49 for the black one.

ACdream PU Leather Smart Cover – This is more of a traditional cover without the stand feature. It has the auto sleep/wake magnet and it’s available in three color choices: sky blue, rose gold and glitter rose gold. This case is currently selling for $12.99 with free shipping.

Kepuch Custer PU Leather Case – This is a basic PU leather cover for the Kobo Forma. It’s the kind that covers the front of the device as well as the back. Note that the description doesn’t say anything about it having a wake/sleep functionality. This cover comes in black, blue and red, and it currently sells for $6.99 plus $2.99 for shipping, but the estimated arrival date is like 6 weeks away.

eBay – There are a few Kobo Forma cases on eBay as well, but they ship from China or the UK so it might take a few weeks for them to arrive, and the ones from the UK are about as expensive as Kobo’s cover.

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