Kindle Paperwhite Covers and Cases List

Kindle Paperwhite

Below is a long list of covers and cases available for the Kindle Paperwhite in all shapes and styles, ranging in price from $5 all the way up to over $100.

It doesn’t matter what generation Kindle Paperwhite you own, these covers are compatible with all of them.

All three generations of Paperwhites share the exact same dimensions and design, so covers and cases are interchangeable between them.

Of course you can always make your own custom covers too, and you can get unique handmade covers from Etsy if you’d rather buy one.

If you want to make your own cover or repurpose another cover, the exact dimensions for the Kindle Paperwhite are 6.7″ x 4.6″ x 0.36″ (169 mm x 117 mm x 9.1 mm).

Just a heads-up, if you’re planning on buying the Kindle Paperwhite 3 it normally sells for $119, but it will be going on sale for $99 in the next few days (I’ll post about it when it happens).

Kindle Paperwhite Covers List

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Want the official Kindle cover from Amazon? They are very thin and light and have a high quality feel because they’re made with real leather. They have a magnetic clasp and auto sleep/wake feature. They are only sold from Amazon for $39 and come in seven colors.

Official Kindle Cover

Amazon also offers a limited edition premium leather cover for the Kindle Paperwhite for $59.

premium paperwhite cover

You can find a wide variety of covers for the Kindle Paperwhite and other devices at There are dozens of custom covers and cases available in various styles and designs ranging in price from $8 to over $100.


Another place with unique Kindle covers is Oberon. They offer all kinds of premium leather covers. Below is an example of just one design. They have dozens of patterns and colors to choose from. Most covers range in price from $66-$76.


Jonathan Adler is another popular brand for unique covers. They are available in 10 different designs for $29.99.

Jonathan Adler

Verso covers are another option for those looking for something different than a typical black cover. There are five styles available for $34.

verso paperwhite cover

Cheap Kindle Paperwhite Covers

Want a super cheap cover instead? The covers above are cool but they are quite pricey. Fortunately you can also get a good Kindle cover for as little as $4.99 with these Swees Ultra thin covers below. I reviewed this exact cover for the Kindle Voyage and it is surprisingly good, and it even has the auto sleep/wake feature.

swees kindle paperwhite

Fintie covers are another popular inexpensive choice. They have covers in a variety of colors and designs ranging in price from $13-$20.

fintie kindle covers

Want something with more style than plain black? Omoton offers covers with different colors and designs for around $14.99.

omoton paperwhite cover

Walnew covers are another option for cases that come in a variety of designs. They range in price from around $14.59.

walnew paperwhite cover

Another place to find cheap covers and cases is eBay. There are some very inexpensive options, or you get a used higher end cover for cheap. The cover below is $9.89.

ebay cover

Specialty Kindle Paperwhite Covers

If you want something a bit different, the Nouske Origami covers have a built in stand so that you can read your Kindle hands-free. They sell for $20.99.

Nouske Origami image

The Kindle Paperwhite isn’t waterproof like a few other ereaders out there, but you can get waterproof cases. Merit offers a hard shell waterproof Kindle case for $22.99. The case is also shock proof.

merit kindle case

Another option for a waterproof Kindle case is this Incipio cover. It sells for $69, and comes in purple or black.

incipio waterproof kindle

You can also get a hard protective case for the Kindle Paperwhite with this OtterBox Defender Series case. It’s a pricey $69 though.

OtterBox Defender Kindle Paperwhite

12 Responses to “Kindle Paperwhite Covers and Cases List”

  1. A five-star shout-out to the beautifully handcrafted Mini Keeper for Kindle Paperwhite from Pad & Quill ($54.99). While not waterproof, the rigid leather cover and interior birch frame provide excellent protection for the device. I spent several weeks researching cases for the Paperwhite before settling on this one, and couldn’t be happier with my choice. It’s a classy item of great quality, and feels wonderful in the hand.

  2. Does it hold the reader securely? Thank you!

  3. James, there are four little pads inside the four corners of the birch frame that hold the reader VERY snugly.

    In the Pad & Quill site photos, you’ll see an inch of faux “bookmark” ribbon protruding from the bottom of the case. The ribbon runs underneath the device. To remove the device from the frame, you simply pull up on the ribbon. (Although, until the Paperwhite needs repairs or a new battery, I can’t think of a reason to remove it from the case.)

    If you’re accustomed to thin, slick cases (one that will slide easily into a pocket, for instance) it’s worth mentioning that the combination birch frame and leather cover will add 1½ inches to the overall footprint of your Paperwhite. (My math skills are dicey, but I think that amounts to a 3/8-inch border on each of the four sides.) To me, the larger footprint is more than justified by the extra protection it affords the device.

    Also, the birch frame means that the cover weighs around 5 ounces. Not heavy, but heavier than a rubber skin or a cover made of plastic.

    I love this cover — hand-crafted in the USA! — and expect it will last a long, long time.

  4. This is a good list; I would look for Kindle 4 cases from the more ‘premium’ and established manufactures that will fit most 6 inch e-readers (other than previous generation Nook e-readers). You can find good deals for M-Edge, Marware, Verso and Jivo. The Jivo cover, I think, is one of the better ones. I would check e-bay, as you will find a lot of good deals for these cases.

    • I don’t understand your reasoning at all. Why would a Kindle 4 case be better for a Kindle Paperwhite than a case designed specifically for the Kindle Paperwhite? The dimensions are not the same. The Kindle 4 is smaller. In fact I do happen to have a Kindle 4 case and the Paperwhite is not a good fit for it. It’s too big and pushes out the bottom and top and the tabs don’t sit right because the Paperwhite it slightly thicker. The case works but not as well as one designed for the Paperwhite. Plus the Kindle 4 covers don’t have the auto sleep/wake magnet to automatically turn the screen on and off by opening and closing the cover.

      • That is correct; however, many of these cases are compatible. If you check on Amazon, Jivo and Marware, for example, are listed as compatible with the Paperwhite. The reason why I stated Kindle 4, is that they tend to sell for a lot less and works just as well with the Paperwhite. Yes, auto sleep/wake doesn’t work but that is the case with most of the cases with straps e.g. Jonathan Adler (it is a trade-off for the quality though).

        • Also, the Kindle 4 M-Edge cases are stated on their website as compatible with the Paperwhite:

          If you search M-Edge cases on, you will see a lot of their cases sold for bargain prices, for what you get in terms of quality.

          • I wonder what happened with M Edge. They used to be one of the more popular brands for Kindle cases but they hardly have anything on Amazon anymore except for older models. It’s like they basically stopped making new cases after the Kindle 4 and Kindle Touch. There are nice cases though. I had one for the original Kindle Fire HD.

  5. I meant they won’t fit the previous Nook e-readers (not too sure about the latest generation).