Texture Offers Unlimited Digital Magazines for $9.99 per Month

Texture App

Have you heard of Texture, the magazine subscription app? Until last week I’d never heard of it before, at least that’s what I thought at first.

Texture isn’t new exactly. A few months ago Next Issue, which started out on the iPad, changed its name to Texture, and added some new social and sharing features to their magazine app.

Texture is basically the magazine version of Kindle Unlimited and Scribd’s ebook subscription services.

They have two different plans that provide unlimited access to their magazine catalog, which contains over 160 titles. The basic plan is $9.99 per month and the premium plan is $14.99 per month.

The main difference is the premium plan adds unlimited access to all available weekly magazines whereas the basic plan only has access to all monthly magazines.

Both plans include all back issues, with access to magazines on up to five different devices per account, and all magazines can be downloaded for offline reading.

Texture has apps for iOS, Android, Windows 8 and Windows 10. Currently the service is limited to customers in the United States and Canada.


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