Kindle Sales: $39 Fire Tablet, $99 Paperwhite 3 and More

Kindle Fire Sales

Amazon has added a bunch of Kindle ereader and Fire tablet deals to their lineup today. It’s a week-long sale that runs from now through February 13th.

If you’ve been holding out on on buying a Kindle or Fire tablet, now is the time to get in on the action. These are the best deals they’ve had since before Christmas.

You can get the new 2015 Fire tablet for just $39, or a Kindle Paperwhite 3 for $99 (links below).

Other Kindles and Fire tablets are on sale as well. Amazon even added a couple of new Kindle bundle packages to put on sale for Valentine’s day.

The new bundle comes with a power adapter and a Jonathan Adler Cover. They are designer covers that are available in seventeen different styles, with lots of bright colors and unique designs. Some are really strange, though. For example you can get a cover with a girl licking a strawberry, which is weird on multiple levels.

Amazon has really been into offering all kinds of bundle packages lately but most of them actually aren’t that great of a deal unless you were considering spending $20 on an insanely overpriced power adapter anyway. Like right now you can get the Paperwhite 3 and an Adler Cover for $5 less than the bundle deal if you don’t care about the adapter.

Kindle Sales Links

$59 Kindle – $20 off

$79 Kindle for Kids Bundle – $20 off

$99 Kindle Paperwhite 3 – $20 off

$99 Kindle Style Bundle – $30 off

$135 Kindle Paperwhite Style Bundle – $35 off

Fire Tablet Sales Links

$39 Fire Tablet – $10 off

$63 Fire Essentials Bundle – $10 off

$79 Fire Kids Edition – $20 off

$99 Fire Kids Essentials Bundle – $13 off

$149 Fire HDX 7 – $65 off

$179 Fire HD 10 – $50 off

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7 Responses to “Kindle Sales: $39 Fire Tablet, $99 Paperwhite 3 and More”

  1. They are very cautious with Voyage though. It might be a very subtle way of maximizing sales of the old product being phased out or it could be nothing.

    • I don’t understand why they never offer sales on the Kindle Voyage. I think they did one time in November only for Prime members and that was it. They’ll take 25% off the basic Kindle regularly but they won’t even take 10% off on the Voyage. Makes no sense.

  2. Hi Nathan,

    Do you believe this could this be an indication of pending hardware updates in early 2016?

    I’ve decided to wait on the purchase of a new e-reader, under the assumption that the next generation will be available to consumers in early 2016.

    Any advice?

    • I doubt anything new will be released from Amazon in the next six months, as they almost always release new devices in the fall. They always have these kind of sales around Valentine’s day.

  3. I have all three Kindle e-readers and I must say the basic Kindle with the new software update is the most impressive. Nice thick dark contrast and much clearer fonts than previous software. It’s quite a steal at $59 even though it doesn’t have a light the background is much whiter than even the paperwhite and voyage which translates to easy reading.

    • In some ways the older lower resolution E Ink screens are better with the much bolder, thicker fonts. People don’t believe me when I say the 300 ppi screens are overrated and are in large part a marketing ploy to convince people that they need to upgrade.

      • After I purchased the Nook Glowlight Plus, I compared it to my Nook Simple Touch. I found the thicker fonts on the Nook Simple Touch more readable compared to those in the Nook Glowlight Plus. The background on the Nook Glowlight Plus was darker than the Nook Simple Touch if the light wasn’t turned on.

        As the Nook Simple Touch provided a better reading experience than the “advanced” Nook Glowlight Plus, I returned the Glowlight Plus.

        I didn’t like the recent Amazon update because it made the Helvetica font thinner. That being said, the basic Kindle before the update did a good job with font and screen readability.

        The companies shout “NEW…IMPROVED.”

        I reply,”IF IT AIN’T BROKE, DON’T FIX IT.”