Will Amazon Release a New Kindle This Fall?

Black or White Kindle

Since 2009 when Amazon introduced the second generation Kindle they have released a new model each fall just in time for the busy holiday shopping season.

Until last year when they finally broke that cycle.

A lot of people kept waiting for a new Kindle to get announced, especially a Kindle Voyage 2, but it never happened.

Then Amazon changed things up by releasing the Kindle Oasis at the end of April of this year.

Then they followed that up by releasing a new entry-level Kindle Touch without a frontlight in July.

So does that mean no more new Kindles will get released in 2016? Or does Amazon have a third new model to release later this year?

Amazon has changed their release schedule for Kindles so much over the past year and a half that it’s hard to predict when a new Kindle will get released.

So far the rumors and leaks indicated there would be two new Kindles this year. They even had secret code names. Both turned out to be the Kindle Oasis and new entry-level Kindle.

There haven’t been any other new leaks—just made up stories—to suggest another new Kindle is coming this fall.

But that doesn’t mean that it won’t happen. You never know with Amazon. Hopefully they’ll release a Kindle with a larger screen to counter the new Kobo Aura One, but I wouldn’t bet on it.

They need to release something because two years in a row without new Kindles released in the fall would be super lame and boring. The Kindle Oasis is nice and all but it’s priced far too high for most people to even consider it, and the entry-level Kindle is barely any different than ereaders released 5 years ago. Amazon needs to release something new and interesting that appeals to the masses. I’ve been saying since last year that a larger Kindle Paperwhite with an 8-inch or even a 6.8-inch screen would be very popular, but Amazon remains fixed on 6-inch Kindles for some annoying reason.

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  1. I am not a Kobo fan but have been tempted to buy the Aura One for the larger screen. I am really hoping Amazon will step up and give us a larger screen Kindle. Six inch is fine for traveling but it would be great to curl up with a larger Kindle for reading marathons at home. Paperbacks are nice but it always was a nice change to read a hardback. Amazon should give us that choice in regards to an e-ink reader.

  2. I didn’t get the Oasis because that small internal battery scares me. It’s 1/6 the size of the Paperwhite battery which means it’s lifespan overall should be about 1/6 that of the Paperwhite, since, if I’ve figured this all out correctly, it always runs off it’s internal battery and the cover just charges it. I want devices made to last.

    If there was a new Paperwhite or a Voyage 2 I’d probably get one. Not that I need it. I have all the Paperwhite models and a Voyage but I save up for the next ereader so I’m ready when it comes, if possible.

    Like you, I wouldn’t bet that it’s coming and part of my reason is that the current models are just so good. I like the idea of making different sizes available for those who want them but Amazon doesn’t seem that interested so I’m not sure they have much motivation there.

    Personally I’d like to see a smaller Kindle that fits comfortably in a shirt pocket. Or a Kindle Phone with an e-ink screen. 🙂


  3. If Amazon wanted to introduce an 8″ reader, they would’ve already done so. Releasing one now, so close to Kobo’s would make it seem like they’re playing catch-up to their biggest competitor and they almost certainly don’t want to do that.

    SO … no large-format ereader any time soon and there’s really no point in introducing anything else. They’ll wait until next Spring — if then — to release anything.

    • If Amazon wanted to introduce an 8″ reader, they would’ve already done so/

      Not to mention that if they had wanted to do a software update on the 9.7″ Kindle DX, such as being able to read in more than one font, they would have already done so.

  4. I have a Voyage. . . and four other readers, and a phone and a tablet. (One of those readers is an original Nook Color, and it strikes me as TOO HUGE these days, though I like the storage capacity.) I find it hard to imagine a Voyage 2, because the Voyage seems to be peak reader. If they worked on simply marketing what they already have, and on software upgrades, I wouldn’t be disappointed.

    I suppose I might as well break my gender neutral facade here and admit that what I’d really like to see in the e-reader market–and maybe this is just me–would be ridiculous cutesy readers like the shell one from It Follows. Somewhat like the cell phones from back in the day, when the look of the actual phone would be a selling point. . . that would tempt me to buy a new reader, not many new features that would actually affect my reading experience. And no, I don’t want a new case for my readers; I want an actual impractical and decorative reader! Maybe that’s the market sector that hasn’t been effectively tapped yet.

  5. Whatever happened to those colored E-Ink ones that were promised?

  6. The Kindle Jacuzzi should be announced here are the specks
    6″ display at 400ppi
    Madagascarian premium cow hide leather
    4 page turn buttons on each corner of Kindle
    8gb internal storage (because 5,000 books simply isnt enough)
    Auto dimmer
    Night display (we have to play catchup to Kobo)
    No waterproof ( we just like the name Jacuzzi)
    Premium asteroid rock from Milk Way delta belt materials for a shatterproof design.
    Corning Gorilla glass 6 display for that see through feel.
    Cost is $500 with ads
    $520 without
    $600 with 3g
    $620 with 3g no ads.

  7. Personally I’d like to see a Voyage 2 that is waterproof, with text to speech via built in speakers + an earphone jack – looking at you Apple, bluetooth audio would be a bonus. I’d want the speech to stay in sync with the text, I’d love it if instead of flipping pages, the text automatically scrolls so you can just read in place. You could do away with a substantial amount of screen space this way since you’d only need 5-8 lines at most.

    I understand this is not how e-ink works, but that’s basically what I want. If only iPads were as easily readable as e-ink readers outdoors.

    • @Adam Logan: this is exactly what I am looking for as well! Of course text to speech speed should be adjustable.

      On top I would like to have my library displayed as a bookshelf at start… sorted by genre and author just as in the book shop ( info editable).