Up to 75% off Kindle Books, Plus Kindle and Fire Tablet Sales


Amazon is running another sale on Kindle ebooks today only as one of their Gold Box Deals of the Day.

This time around the deal takes up to 75% off a selection of the most wished for books at Amazon.

There are sixteen books on the list with mostly 4 and 5 star reviews.

Plus Amazon has added some more really good deals on certified refurbished Fire tablets to go along with the refurbished Kindles that continue to remain on sale.

You can get last year’s Fire HD 8 for only $45! Or a Fire HD 10 for $159.

Refurbished Kindle Voyages remain on sale for $119 (I’m surprised they haven’t sold out yet) and the Paperwhite 3 is $79.

Here’s the list of deals:

Fire HD 8 (5th gen) – $44

Fire HD 10 (5th gen) – $159

Kindle Voyage – $119

Kindle Paperwhite 3 – $79

Fire TV with Alexa Voice Remote – $64

Fire TV(1st gen) – $49

Amazon Echo – $119

Kindle Book Deals

6 Responses to “Up to 75% off Kindle Books, Plus Kindle and Fire Tablet Sales”

  1. I decided to give the Voyage another chance. I am perfectly happy with the Kobo Aura H2O and absolutely thrilled with my Kobo Aura One, I honestly couldn’t ask for anything more. However at $119 the Voyage was hard to pass up, even though I went through a horrendous amount of exchanges prior due to poor lighting, shadows and uneven screens, but hey that was so 2014 right?
    WRONG! The problem still persists and i’ve gone through another 3 exchanges this time around and can’t get a decent even screen on the Voyage. It’s pathetic. I mean Why can’t Amazon seem to get the lighting right? Both my Kobo’s have perfect lighting, no issues on that front whatsoever. So even at $119 I would stay away. The Voyage is just a defective device that should be recalled. I’m personally not surprised is hasn’t sold out even at that price.

    • I can relate to that. I have a PW2 and 3 though. I had to go through a few devices to get a white display for them both but two tones was not the issue I faced with them. It was mainly yellowish display. Voyage is just bad on that regard. Some might not notice the two tone screen (in fact most if not all photos in amazon seem to show this issue quite clearly) but to my eyes, it’s just annoying and disappointing. I liked the pagepress and how light it felt but the display kills it.

      I read that this is because of the flush screen. Do you have the same issue in your voyage and oasis? How is the aura one in this regard?

      • Yeah, if you look back at my Kindle Voyage review that was one of my biggest complaints. Didn’t have that issue with the Oasis, however, nor the Inkbook Obsidian, which also has a flush glass screen. There have been a number of reports with the Aura One having some weird discolored areas as well, so it’s just one of those things you have to look out for when buying a new ereader. The lighting on my Aura One is pretty good but it does have a brighter spot at the bottom that is apparent with natural lighting (luckily I don’t like using the orange lighting so it doesn’t bother me any).

        • Ah. From what I read, this is only while using the natural light right? Is there any discoloration while using the normal light? Does it look even in that? Any two tones?

          • Mine looks fine with the blue light but others on MobileRead have complained about odd discolorations. Frontlights vary so much from one to the next that it’s hard-telling what you’ll get. That’s just the nature of frontlights in this day and age. They are still far from perfect.

          • //Which is a shame, because exchanging the original KA1 took over a month (I bought mine from Kobo)//

            This is what kills it for the US customers. I’m amazed how they can run a company with such incompetence for this long. I’d be interested to know what their sales figures are through their site vs their brick and mortar retail partners.

            That apart, it looks like this is mainly a issue with natural light. Which is still a major issue because that and the size is their main selling point.