16GB Fire HD 6 $55; Some Kindles and Fires Now Sold Out


Amazon’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals have ended for Kindle ereaders and Fire tablets, but similar sales will likely return a couple weeks before Christmas.

While the main sales are over, Amazon does have one remaining good deal for a Fire tablet. It’s last year’s model but it has current Fire OS 5 software so Google Play can easily be sideloaded.

The 16GB Fire HD 6 is currently marked down to $54.99.

That’s $55 off the list price but it usually sells for $89.

Just yesterday Amazon was selling the 8GB version for $69, which is now sold out, so that’s not a bad price, especially considering the HD 6 has a higher resolution screen than the other current Fire tablets.

The $55 16GB Fire HD 6 is the only version still available; the other 3 variations are sold out.

It turns out a lot Kindles and Fire tablets are sold out until at least mid-December; Amazon must have sold a lot of them this past week.

The Kindle for Kids Bundle and the Fire Kids Edition are out-of-stock for now, so are the colored version of the 8GB $49 Fire, only the black model remains available.

The entry-level Kindle is also gone until mid-December but there are still ones without special offers in stock. The Kindle Voyage is also sold out until December 13th unless you go with the 3G model or one without special offers.

Amazon ran out of the refurbished Kindles that they were offering over the past couple of weeks too.

Later today Amazon will probably releases some ambiguous sales numbers for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Something like they sold “millions” of Fire tablets and 23% more Kindles than last year.

7 Responses to “16GB Fire HD 6 $55; Some Kindles and Fires Now Sold Out”

  1. I saw Fire HD6 16G at $54.99 yesterday. I was tempted to get it. However, Fire HD 8 16G was on sale at $59.99 at the same time.

    Consider Fire HD6 16G is 2014 product, while Fire HD 8 16G is 2016 product (with more RAM as well)

    They are almost the same price. There is no obvious reason to get Fire HD6. I contacted Amazon to ask them the major difference between Fire HD6 and Fire HD8. But they are not even aware of Fire HD6.

    Perhaps Fire HD6 is going away? Or I did not ask the right question.

    At the end, I did not order the Fire HD6, because I ordered Fire HD8 during Black Friday.

  2. I managed to… somehow… not buy anything on Black Friday and all the way past Cyber Monday 🙂

  3. I bought the16 gb new amazon fire hd 8 (in blue) on sale for $60. It arrived yesterday and so far I’m pretty pleased with it, especially since I loaded google play on it using your helpful guide (thank you so much for btw!). My neighbor was interested in getting one after I showed her mine and so far the only ones still available are the magenta and tangerine.

  4. Bob,

    Same problem here, just not on your scale (5 tablets). I finally solved it by switching over to phones. 🙂 Now I have three phones, one of which I actually use.


  5. Should have mentioned that I ended up with a 6″ phone that I read my books on using the Kindle app. Love reading with a full HD screen. 5.5″ FHD screen worked fine, too, but the font was a little bit bigger on the 6″ screen for my old eyes.