Kindle Oasis Charging Covers Now Sold Separately


Somehow I never noticed this until today, but Amazon now sells replacement charging covers for the Kindle Oasis.

All three colors are available, Walnut, Black, and Merlot. The price for the cover alone is $89. That’s pretty expensive for a small flap of leather but obviously it includes a built-in battery as well.

The Kindle Oasis was first released back in May 2016.

It’s the first Kindle to come with a separate charging cover that is designed to be removed while reading to minimize weight.

When I reviewed the Kindle Oasis, I pointed out the fact that the charging cover is such an integral part of the equation that the Kindle Oasis is nearly useless without it.

On its own the Kindle Oasis’s battery can only last for a few hours, so the cover is pretty much required unless you want your Kindle tethered to an outlet all the time.

Given that, it’s good to see there’s at least the option to buy a charging cover separately in case the original goes bad or gets lost or damaged.

It also gives people the option to switch colors if they want to, especially since black was the only one in stock for a long time.

The $89 cover proves a large portion of the price of the Kindle Oasis is because of the cover. Without it the device would be the same exact price as the Kindle Voyage.

5 Responses to “Kindle Oasis Charging Covers Now Sold Separately”

  1. “The $89 cover proves a large portion of the price of the Kindle Oasis is because of the cover. Without it the device would be the same exact price as the Kindle Voyage.”

    We don’t know much about manufacturing costs for this but what we *do* know is that this cover probably does not cost more that $30 to manufacture.

    Clearly, they backed into the cost for this product by subtracting the Voyage from the total price of the Oasis.

    And, yes, for many/most it is still a ridiculously priced device AND cover for the overall value.

  2. It should be added that the charging cover is available separately ONLY from amazon.COM, and NOT from any other Amazon website. What’s more, it is impossible to order it (either new or from “Amazon Warehouse Deals”) on from outside of the US, they just won’t ship it anywhere else.
    I do think Amazon could be in for a big problem there, making what could legitimately be called a “spare part” available ONLY to American customers, while the device itself is available everywhere. Some lawyer should look a bit deeper into this.

  3. I just received my $500 Kindle Oasis wifi+3g and discovered it does NOT come with ANY Cover, and does NOT have the cover charging points that should be located on the back! So I cannot even purchase a charging cover to use with it!

    This is totally unacceptable for Australian customers. I am so disappointed in this purchase after spending $500! when is US Amazon going to start treating its Aussie allies with respect? Stop ripping us off!

    • The 2nd gen Oasis doesn’t have a charging cover. It never did. That was a 1st gen Oasis feature only. You would have known that if you read my review!