Kindles On Sale Again for $20 off, Plus Gold Box Kindle eBook Deal

Kindle Sale

Amazon has been having a sale on Kindle ebooks just about every Sunday lately and today is no exception.

Once again they’ve got a list of Kindle books on sale today only as one of the main gold box deals of the day.

They’ve also put some Kindles on sale for $20 off, apparently because it’s national reading month.

$59 – Kindle

$79 – Kindle Kids Bundle

$99 – Kindle Paperwhite

$179 – Kindle Voyage

Like usual the Kindle Oasis isn’t included in the deal for some reason, which is kind of strange.

In other deal news, the Android-powered Inkbook Prime is on sale for $119, which is also $20 off, and the Inkbook Classic is $10 off at $79. I plan on reviewing both later this month.

Amazon also has the Kindle Fire HD on sale at Woot for $39, but it’s so outdated by this time you’d be better off just getting the current Fire tablet for $10 more unless you want the higher resolution screen.

3 Responses to “Kindles On Sale Again for $20 off, Plus Gold Box Kindle eBook Deal”

  1. I really liked the 9.7-inch E Ink screen on the Onyx Boox N96 and the fact you can write on it. I think I’ll wait until others come out with a 9 inch display and for the price to come down a bit. At $369.00 for the Onyx is just too high a price for me, but a lot less expensive than the reMarkable BUNDLE VALUE: $429 preorder or after pre order BUNDLE VALUE: $716
    I’ll just kick back and wait for something else to come along.

    • The Onyx does seem expensive but it’s still cheaper than the 3G Kindle Oasis without ads. 😀 I don’t get the reMarkable though. Why would anyone shell out that kind of money six months in advance for something that doesn’t even exist yet and hasn’t proven itself one iota?

      • If you put it that way I agree, and I really really like the 9.7 inch screen on the Onyx.
        The reMarkable is way out of the ballpark for me financially even at the 40% discount for pre-order.