Kindle Software Updated to Version 5.8.8; More Kindle Sales

New Kindle

Amazon has started rolling out a new software update for Kindle ereaders that includes some performance improvements and adds a couple of new features.

The new software version is 5.8.8 and it’s available for the Kindle Oasis, Kindle Voyage, the 7th and 8th gen basic Kindles, along with the Kindle Paperwhite 2 and 3 (6th and 7th gen).

You can wait for the new software to automatically download and install as long as you have wireless connected.

Or you can download the update and install it manually if you want it now.

Head over to the Kindle Software Updates page to get the download file and instructions for your model.

Here’s the main list of changes with the new software:

Improvements to tables that contain images: Images inside tables are now more proportionate to the table dimensions.

Auto-shelving enhancements for Goodreads users: If you’ve linked your Kindle with Goodreads, you’ll have the option to add your books to your Goodreads shelf from the About this Book and Before You Go sections of each book.

In other Kindle-related news, Amazon is having another sale on Kindle ebooks today only as one of the main gold box deals of the day.

The deal takes up to 80% off select Kindle books for International Women’s Day.

Kindles remain on sale for $20 off as well.

$59 – Kindle

$79 – Kindle Kids Bundle

$99 – Kindle Paperwhite

$179 – Kindle Voyage

5 Responses to “Kindle Software Updated to Version 5.8.8; More Kindle Sales”

  1. Something that Amazon should really add to their readers is….using last read cover images for Sleep screens, as Kobo does.

  2. yes, image cover among many other things. Weight adjustment would be great, more font size options also. Reading progress left in chapter such as page 4 of 9 in chapter 2 for example instead of a percentage sign or mins left as they currently do. Of course this aside from their most critical need which is a larger Kindle.

  3. Yes, I also think their critical need is to bring out a larger screen Kindle. I have been transitioning over to Kobo because of the larger screened Kobo but would be willing and happy to switch back to Amazon if they would bring out a large screen Kindle. Amazon’s has a much wider inventory of ebooks.

    • Yes, there is not much left to do in the 6″ realm. 300ppi is good enough, we don’t need thinner, battery life is great in most cases (aside from Oasis). We don’t need premium built in covers forced on us. We already have two buttons so we don’t need four. Waterproof is nice but not critical. You can’t release another 6″ Kindle without undercutting the 4 different 6″ models Amazon already has. The only solution is more and better software updates with features that are needed as listed above and definitely a larger size Kindle. So what will Amazon do? The same things they been doing for years. Release another 6″ Kindle with incremental upgrades. Why? Because screw you that’s why. So sad.

  4. I only received the last update less than a month ago. And unless it’s changed, I assume my PW3 still has to be on a charger as well as wifi to receive updates – not sure if true for all models…