Sony Releasing New 13.3-inch PDF Reader, the Digital Paper DPT-RP1

Sony DPT-RP1

Last fall Sony discontinued their 1st generation specialized E Ink PDF reader, the DPT-S1, and now they’ve announced that a newer model is going to be getting released this summer.

The new Digital Paper DPT-RP1 is a lot like the 1st gen model, but it adds a higher resolution 2200 x 1650 screen, a faster processor, an NFC unlock feature, more internal storage space, and a more sensitive stylus pen.

It looks like they’ve done away with the memory card slot, but now it comes with 16GB of internal storage space instead of 4.

They’re using a Marvell IAP140 quad-core processor so it will be interesting to see how that improves performance.

The weight is about the same as the DPT-S1; it’s just a few grams lighter at 349 grams.

Once again the device only supports PDF format, like the 1st gen model, so that severely limits its usefulness. But it looks like they’ve added a cool side-by-side feature that lets you view a PDF on one half of the screen while writing notes on the other half.

The new Onyx Boox Max Carta has the same upgraded screen along with expandable memory and it supports open Android and a ton of formats and apps, so it’s going to be strong competition for Sony.

Currently the new DPT-RP1 is listed on the Sony Japan website.

The release date is set for June 5th, but it’ll probably be awhile before it starts becoming more widely available outside of Japan.

Personally I don’t quite understand the need for these super-expensive 13.3-inch ereaders when PDFs are perfectly readable on a 10-inch E Ink screen that costs half as much. Sony should consider releasing a less-expensive 10-inch model as well to reach a wider market instead of just wealthy businessmen.

13 Responses to “Sony Releasing New 13.3-inch PDF Reader, the Digital Paper DPT-RP1”

  1. So Nathan when will you get one from Sony to review 😀

    I agree a ten inch one would be cool, but just having PDFs is a bummer. I don’t think Sony’s aim is at the E-reader market but at businesses with signable PDFs.

    • It’s weird how they take a niche product and then narrow down the market even smaller.

      • The problem is that they probably can’t make a 10″ e-ink reader that would be competitive with a 10″ tablet for the consumer market.

        It just a business decision they are “purely” targeting businesses that have a very specific need and are willing to pay that price.

        For businesses that heavily used PDF documents, the price is actually not bad at all.

        For personal use for reading PDFs. I’ll take a tablet like an Amazon Fire 10 (Fire HD 10). 🙂

        It really is too bad that market dynamics don’t support a large e-ink reader at a relatively low price. I for one, as a consumer (for the right price, around $250) would pick one up in a heart beat.

        • It turns out Onyx is coming out with a 10.3-inch version anyway, and it has the plastic screen so it’ll be durable and light and it’ll be a lot more useful than just a PDF reader so it’s good to have competition!

          • Yes, always good to have competition. Maybe Sony and Onyx will duke it out in the business market — and innovation and competition will drive the price down for the consumer market. 🙂

  2. Its designed for legal documents etc. Also going to be about £550 in UK via Japan so good price.

  3. Should really have color to make this thing worth it. What’s the story with color eink? Just too expensive or what?

    • It seems they’ve stopped developing color E Ink for ereaders after Triton 2 failed to take off a few years ago. Haven’t heard a single thing about it since. They never even show it at trade shows anymore, just a bunch of other gimmicky stuff.

  4. btw: I’m sure you probably noticed, but this e-reader at 349 grams (12.3 ounces) is unbelievably light for its display size.

    That picture of a woman holding a reader with such a large display with one hand — is so cool. It’s almost like an electronic newspaper.

    • Honestly that picture makes it seem way too big to me. I’d hate to lug around something that size even if it is light. It’s like a giant dinner platter. 😀

  5. Where can I buy this shit? I’ve been waiting for this for so long.

  6. “Personally I don’t quite understand the need for these super-expensive 13.3-inch ereaders ….”
    Whoever plays an instrument would buy it to display music sheets while playing. The real problem is that it is too expensive, its cost is often higher than the instrument played.