Video Showing New Sony DPT-RP1 in Action

Sony DPT-RP1

Sony Japan uploaded a teaser video on YouTube showing their recently-unveiled 2nd generation PDF ereader, the DPT-RP1.

It’s a specialized device with a 13.3-inch E Ink screen that is very lightweight and durable thanks to a plastic substrate instead of the usual glass.

It has a higher resolution screen than the 1st gen model and they added a faster processor and a more accurate stylus pen, among other upgrades.

The responsiveness looks pretty quick in the video with the new processor and the stylus looks like it’s easy to write small text accurately and seems more like writing with a pen and paper.

In fact at one point they show a full page of handwritten notes that looks just like a regular notepad.

They also show the new NFC unlock feature to turn the device on by swiping a card or smartphone over a sensor.

Two page mode looks interesting where you can view a PDF page on one side of the screen and have a notes page open on the other side at the same time.

The video starts out a bit slow to get to the point but it gets better about halfway through where they start to show some of the features and how the software works.

The new Sony DPT-RP1 is expected to get released at the beginning of June (in Japan).

First Look at Sony DPT-RP1

7 Responses to “Video Showing New Sony DPT-RP1 in Action”

  1. Wondering about price… 🙂

  2. The original ran around $700 if i remember right, and that is way too high for any significant adoption. I would love for my students to have them in chemistry, but there is no way you can justify the cost.

  3. they’re not for you!

  4. The market they are going after is the business market. The business market is not as price sensitive as the consumer market). Sony just can’t afford to make them for the consumer market yet. Hopefully in a few years. 🙂

    If you are a consumer and want note taking capabilities the only practical solution right now are tablets.

  5. I go to conferences every year where there are pdf notes given ahead of time to take into the classroom. I currently use Repligo Reader on my tablet to handle these pdfs and annotate on them but having something like would be FAR better, esp the side-by-side of the document and note taking. But I think $250-300 would be about my price break.

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