New Kobo Software Update Released – Version 4.4.9298

Kobo Aura 2

Kobo has started rolling out a new software update for their current and previous generation Kobo ereaders.

The new firmware version is 4.4.9298. It adds the new homescreen that partially started going out with the last 4.3.8842 update, and hopefully the new software fixes some of the problems a number of people were experiencing with the last update as well.

Some customers have started receiving automatic updates for the new software but that can take a few weeks to become widely available.

If you want to get the update now the download links can be found at MobileRead.

Just make sure to get the right software for your hardware (see here for Kobo hardware versions).

Here’s the list of changes with the new 4.4 software from the changelog:

  • Home screen – A fresh new layout that puts the focus back on your current reads – with larger text and bigger book covers.
  • Main menu – A new simple menu on the upper left gives you direct access to all the important sections with one tap.
  • Authors view – You can now browse by authors in the My Books section.
  • Tabs – The My Books, Browse, Recommended, and Activity sections now feature tabs for quick and easy access to sub-sections.
  • Status bar – The status bar on the upper right now displays larger icons for Light, Wi Fi, Battery, Sync, and Search.
  • Sort by date added – You can now sort your books by the date they were added to your account. Look for this option with the other sort controls in My Books.
  • PIN lock – Protect your privacy by requiring a 4-digit PIN to unlock your eReader. Enable this feature from the settings menu under Energy Saving and Privacy.

via: MobileRead

18 Responses to “New Kobo Software Update Released – Version 4.4.9298”

  1. I downloaded the new firmware and installed it on my Aura One. I was then able to re-apply the patches I had enabled on the old software. So far, so good. I like the new home screen layout, though I have yet to connect to WiFi to see if adds for Kobo books I “might like” replace any of sections regarding my local content.

  2. Kobo Aura H2O (old model) installed new firmware.
    Needed reset via hole lost Book Collections why? is it Micro SD card problem?
    Kobo Aura One installed new firmware.
    All OK no problems.
    A Observation.
    When you Use Overdrive to get library books on Kobo Aura One they get downloaded to Kobo Aura H2O automatically.

  3. Just been on Calibre tried to reset collections on H2O but get a Data base error. So drivers need updating.

  4. When I did the upgrade yesterday, my Aura One was at 95% charged. This morning it was completely dead. It seems the update may have re-introduced the battery drain issue on the Aura One. Looks like I will be attempting to roll back to the previous software.

    • Maybe I should just keep wifi off for awhile. Kobo’s updates always seem to introduce some problem or another. That last firmware update article is loaded with comments from people that had issues.

      • For me, it seemed to be okay until I tried adjusting the light by swiping up/down the left side of the screen, which worked. However, after I did that, I noticed that battery drain accelerated greatly and the light did not turn off when the Aura One went to sleep. Perhaps that functionality is where the bug is.

        I may try the update again next week and avoid swiping to adjust the light.

        • I re-applied the update yesterday, twice. I had turned “Swipe left edge to adjust brightness:” ON and that is when I started having battery drain problems. When I re-applied the update yesterday, that choice was already selected and the reader exhibited the same problems with not turning off the light when in sleep mode. I assume the battery drain problem was also still there, thought I did not wait long enough to truly test. Next I turned “Swipe left edge to adjust brightness:” OFF. I then re-applied the update again. This time the “Swipe left edge to adjust brightness:” was OFF when I checked, the front light works correctly, and I had no noticeable battery drain overnight. So, at least for me, I can use the update as long as I leave “Swipe left edge to adjust brightness:” OFF.

          • UPDATE: After three nights with the new firmware, I have experienced on battery drain. I have NOT activated the “Swipe left edge to adjust brightness:” functionality.

    • No problem with battery drain and the new firmware on my KA1.

  5. Problem/Difference.
    While I like the new menu screen and password. if I am reading a Pocket item in “My Articles” and shut down it does not appear in the top reading screen as one of the four books etc? Have to go into Home,My Articles,and remember what it was and open it again. Anyone know a workround?

  6. After the last update the device (Aura H2O) doesn’t recognize the SD card. This is an issue that couldn’t happen, beta testing cannot leave out those stuffs. Hope that fix will come as soon as possible.

  7. That’s fixed my issue with Aura H2O 4.4.9298 firmware no reading the SD card.
    I renamed the SD card from “noname” to a “whatelse name” on the pc. Pulled the SD in the Kobo and now all is working like a charm.

  8. Renamed H2O micro SD card to KOBOMICROSD all books now see. Just downgraded because getting lines 3 blocks of lines at boot up on blank screen will let my H2O upgrade auto on its own. Also if you got password set and forgot it good way to get it reset without loosing books etc.
    Kobo Aura One still working perfectly apart from Pocket Articles not on front screen.

  9. After syncing Aura one on 5/17/2017 software update rebooted to a blank unresponsive screen contacted customer chat and they advised they were having issues, and recommended factory reset. After three resets same outcome of blank screen, and completely useless device. Anyone know of a fix or patch for this issue?

  10. Indeed the front page looks more moderen, but is completely senseless znd rediculous : more than 50% of the surface is advertising ; no possibility (any longer) to personalise start screen ; if eg. you want to go to Inernet, you need to go tru various menus to get there, a shortcut on frontpage recommendable. Please give me back some feartures of former version.

  11. I wished they didn’t get rid of the old games from the previous firmware, now I can’t access them from the new homescreen. It feels like a downgrade to me.