Is the Paperlike Pro Monitor the Fastest E Ink Device Ever? (Video)

Paperlike Pro

Dasung recently released a new version of their E Ink monitor called the Paperlike Pro.

It’s designed to work as a secondary monitor for computers, and this new model adds an HDMI port for faster response times. It supports Windows XP and up, some versions of Mac OS X, and Linux Ubuntu.

The Paperlike Pro has a 13.3-inch E Ink screen. There’s a Pearl version and a Carta model.

Currently the device is only sold in China and the specs are all written in Chinese so it’s hard-telling what half of them mean, but you can find a list of them on the Dasung website.

Dasung uploaded a new video to YouTube today and the speed of the Paperlike Pro is indeed impressive. It’s definitely faster and has less ghosting than using an E Ink ereader to mirror a computer’s display like we recently saw with the Onyx Boox Max.

They say the Paperlike Pro is faster than any ereader. They even claim the response is as fast as LCD. The monitor can play videos somewhat smoothly and web browsing looks better than you’d expect from E Ink. It may in fact be the fastest E Ink device ever. What do you think?

Paperlike Pro

DASUNG E Ink Monitor Paperlike Pro

16 Responses to “Is the Paperlike Pro Monitor the Fastest E Ink Device Ever? (Video)”

  1. This would be ideal for a laptop…where you basically handle Word, Excel, email, etc… Instead of heavy graphic applications.

  2. WOW! Should just replace the LCD screen on a laptop with this!

  3. Wow only $900! I should order 3.

  4. I would let my son play some of the best turn-based strategy games knowing that it wouldn’t strain his eyes too much. If the monitor were half the price and had worldwide service supppoort, I would get myself one and then recommend it to parents as an alternative to eye-killing console games.

  5. Remus Octavian Mocanu Reply July 11, 2017 at 11:08 am

    I’d buy now one… if sold. Unfortunately on amazon there is no “paperlike pro” to sell from dasung. I will try on their site, although i still wonder how much trust one can put in their delivery service. If what we see in the above video is genuine and there is no trick for the eye used in it, what dasung made is absolutely convincing and fabulous. I also wish someone build a laptop with it.

  6. I bought the first version one year ago from them, excellent customer service and support. I would definitely recommend to buy from them directly.

  7. i will wait the real number frames per seconde.

    every days i am very happy with the the first version i write this comment this paperlike dasung driver 3.3.6 on window7 (perfect to read the wweb with some firefox add-ons)

  8. SOL Computer is the only authorized distributor of the Dasung Paperlike Pro. We are in the US and ship this product around the world. We offer support, training and a 7 day 100% money back guarantee. We will be receiving our first shipment Aug.15th. Pre order at

  9. DASUNG E-ink Monitor Paperlike Pro is on Indiegogo right now:)

  10. Hello,
    I would greatly benefit from this product. Is there a way to type Word-compatible documents and perform email tasks on it??