Alternate Protective Cases for Kindle Oasis – USB DVD Cases

Kindle Oasis Cover

A reader recently sent in a tip (thanks, ABCruz!) about an alternative option for Kindle Oasis cases—USB DVD protective sleeves.

It turns out there aren’t many options when it comes to protective cases for the Kindle Oasis.

Obviously it comes with its own unique charging cover, but it doesn’t provide very much protection, especially since it doesn’t even cover the back of the device.

You’d think there would be more protective cases designed specifically for the Kindle Oasis, but most companies just tend to lump it together with all the other Kindles.

The problem with that is the dimensions are different. The Oasis is more square in shape. It’s a little shorter and wider than other Kindles.

Some of cases that say they fit the Kindle Oasis, like this blue sleeve, aren’t wide enough because they design it based off other Kindle’s dimensions.

One alternative is to search for USB DVD protective cases. They’re more square in shape like the Kindle Oasis.

They aren’t a perfect fit either—most are a bit oversized—but they can get the job done and they’re cheap.

The one pictured in this post is a Lacdo case. It’s waterproof and shockproof so it adds some extra protection over a typical Kindle case, and it’s only $9 delivered.

Kindle Oasis Cover

2 Responses to “Alternate Protective Cases for Kindle Oasis – USB DVD Cases”

  1. Ingenuous solution! It’s good to see things getting repurposed on this site rather than a relentless dirge to buy more stuff.
    If only I had had a waterproof case my Nook Simple Touch would still be with me after three years. But two weeks ago I took it to the beach during a rainstorm and it simply couldn’t take it. I peeped in my damp bag and the poor thing was unresponsive and making lines up and down the screen. Never saw that before!
    Well, I got my money’s worth out of the NST and I recommend it to anyone, since it lasted three years without any major complications and provided a lot of good service. The memory slot, allowing up to 14 gigs of storage is already considered obsolete by ereader companies like Kobo and Kindle, who often cap memory at 4 gigs and no longer allow for high rates of storage. The NST is a classic and people have hacked the thing six ways to sunset. Even getting audio and a web browser on it!

  2. Testing it up against other media, to get a sense of scale, it’s more or less, give or take the tiniest amount, the size of a single CD case. (Probably intentional.) So, it’s not surprising protective cases designed for CD / DVD would make a good alternative.