Kindle Oasis in Short Supply, New Model Coming Soon?

Kindle Oasis Unavailable

Over the past several weeks there’s been a noticeable decline in availability for the Kindle Oasis across multiple regions.

Some Amazon websites don’t sell it at all anymore. Like in Canada on it’s listed as “currently unavailable”, with a note that says, “We don’t know when or if this item will be back in stock.”

They also removed it from the top banner so it doesn’t look like they plan on getting anymore anytime soon.

It’s a similar situation with Amazon UK. Most versions of the Kindle Oasis are unavailable, except one Wi-Fi model that says it will be back in stock next week.

Even on the Amazon’s main US website stock for the Kindle Oasis isn’t what it used to be. For instance, if you want one without ads the black cover is the only option, and they have none without ads and 3G.

Part of the problem with the Kindle Oasis is the simple fact that there are too many variations of it. In total there are twelve different versions of the Kindle Oasis sold in the US. There are three colors to choose from, with the option for Wi-Fi or 3G + Wi-Fi, and each is available with ads and without.

Perhaps Amazon is just whittling down the options to carry only the best selling models, but with availability becoming scarce in multiple regions it seems more likely that the Kindle Oasis is on the way out.

The Kindle Oasis shortage is one possible sign that a new Kindle could be getting released for the Kindle’s 10th anniversary coming up in November. Hopefully so!

15 Responses to “Kindle Oasis in Short Supply, New Model Coming Soon?”

  1. Coming soon: Oasis form-factor with 7.8″ display. Bezos has seen the Aura One, and he knows Amazon can do it better.

    Entirely speculation, but it adds up.

    • Can you put that 7.8″ reader in your back pocket the same way you can a 6″ Kindle? Because you know, that portability is a really nice feature.

      • No one is asking to discontinue the 6″ Kindle on the contrary keep that line with an updated model. It’s just not right to have that as an ONLY option and have your customers suffer because of it.
        Keep the 6″ Kindle but give your customers an option to go bigger for those that want it by releasing a larger model. It’s simple, it makes sense and it keeps everyone happy which is why it probably won’t happen.
        Actually I honestly think it’ll happen this year. Amazon has no choice.

  2. Remember the Fire HDX? Remember how they replaced it with an improved version? No, no you don’t. That’s because they didn’t. They killed it because it was priced according to its hardware and cheaper hardware sold better.

    Kinda like PaperWhite outsells Oasis. When you’re a monopoly, you do things like that. Innovation takes a backseat.

    • The Oasis priced according to it’s hardware? I doubt that considering the Aura One destroys it in practically every way except buttons and it’s priced around 50% cheaper.

      The Oasis is just an overpriced mess and It’s safe to say perhaps the worst Kindle ever released with all the issues, complaints, and insane price. The value to cost ratio is simply not there and I have no doubt it will be discontinued but not for a cheaper model but more so a larger version which would justify its price. Perhaps the Kindle Asylum or the Kindle Haven? How about the Kindle Trek?

      • Where did you get the Aura One for $150?

        • OK let’s say 40% and you can get it for about 180 to 190 on eBay.
          Now could you imagine what Amazon would charge for a Kindle with the same specs, hardware, and customization options as the Aura One? I’d be willing to bet we’re talking at least $500. So considering you can get the Aura one on eBay for 200 or less were talking over 100% price discount.

  3. We shall see in November…

  4. I’m more interested in the 3rd gen. Kobo Aura. when is that coming out? Anyone have an idea?

  5. The Oasis is the only kindle I’ve never owned it’s expensive and I don’t like how it’s shaped and I don’t want to charge a case. I’m perfectly happy with the 3rd generation paperwhite. I’m not sure what Amazon would have to come out with for me to buy a new one. That said if they were to come out with a new fire hdx I would buy it immediately

  6. I just wish they’d bring out an actual ereader and not a tablet, that can do audiobooks or at least text to speak!

  7. I’d sell my Oasis and get an improved one with more battery life or even USB-C quick-charging. That’s really my only gripe; though I would like the format flexibility with the Aura One, I can’t give up the page turn buttons and weight/ergonomics of the Oasis without the cover: if you read a lot, that makes the difference, especially falling asleep in bed with the quick rotation and page turn buttons staying in place, the quick dictionaries, etc.

    Still, for heavy readers, even someone who wants to spend a whole day on the weekend or whatever just reading, without the cover, you’re compelled to disable wifi and turn down the brightness.

    Improve the Oasis battery so that without the cover someone can read well over 6 hours with wifi on at any brightness. I’ve had those weekends at the beach or wherever when I felt like “ah, gotta stick it in the cover, battery is getting low,” mainly because if you read dense works with new terms, you will be constantly going to the dictionary AND wikipedia in the kindle with the simple highlight feature, and that means you want to leave WiFi on.

    These are considerations for the heavy reader, which is what Oasis (and Aura One) target.

    In short, I’m ready to jump ship, and it would’ve been to Aura One, but not if I have to touch the screen to change pages. The Oasis has a winner with those buttons, but how gimped it is with formatting leaves a lot to be desired, and I’d actually prefer to leave Jeff Bezos’ greedy empire.

  8. Apparently, a new kindle oasis was lauched. It has 7 inch display and its waterproof. Amazon bundles it with an power adapter and a case which takes your option not to get the extras. Also the 3G model seems to be unavailable for preorder yet.