Kindle eReaders and Fire Tablets on Sale Again, Kindle Books Too

Kindle Paperwhite Sale

Amazon is running another sale on Kindle ereaders and Fire tablets this week.

Kindles are $20 off, including the entry-level Kindle, the Kindle Paperwhite, the Kids Kindle bundle, and Kindle Voyage. The bundles are $20 off as well.

The Kindle Oasis is the only one not on sale, and it looks like it’s on the way to being discontinued or replaced more now than ever because they’ve stopped selling Merlot and Walnut models altogether.

The latest 7th gen Fire tablets are on sale too.

The Fire HD 8 is marked down to $59.99 and the Fire 7 is $39. Their bundle packages are on sale as well.

Amazon is also having a sale on top-rated Kindle best sellers today only (August 20th) for one of their Deals of the Day.

Here’s the list of Kindle and Fire tablet sales:


Kindle Paperwhite – $20 off

Kindle – $20 off

Kindle Voyage – $20 off

Kids Kindle Bundle – $20 off

Kindle Paperwhite Essentials Bundle – $40 off ($20 off regular price)

Kindle Voyage Essentials Bundle – $45 off ($20 off regular price)

Kindle Essentials Bundle – $35 off ($20 off regular price)

Kindle Paperwhite Travel Bundle – $90 off ($20 off regular price)

Kindle Voyage Travel Bundle – $90 off ($20 off regular price)

Fire Tablets

Fire Tablet – $10 off

Fire HD 8 – $20 off

Fire Tablet Kids Edition – $20 off

Fire HD 8 Kids Edition – $30 off

Kindle Books

Top-rated Kindle best sellers, $1.99 & up (August 20th only)

Monthly Deals: Up to 80% off Kindle books

$3 towards a selection of Kindle books

More Kindle Book Deals

8 Responses to “Kindle eReaders and Fire Tablets on Sale Again, Kindle Books Too”

  1. I noticed this today, and with regard to the Oasis:

    Looking at the Kindle comparison chart on the Amazon iOS app (not the Amazon website), the chart references ‘NEW! Kindle Oasis’ and under the backlight column it say “Yes + Adaptive Light Sensor” although Amazon would neither confirm nor deny when I called CS. Both website and app are showing WiFi only Black and Merlot models being in stock on 8/27 and 8/29 respectively.

    Impending refresh???

  2. I checked the iOS app but didn’t see what you are referring to. Did you happen to see the size?

  3. Larger display, Amazon, or I’m jumping ship. I’ll settle for 6.8″ if you have the balls to do even that.

  4. The next Kindle needs to be everything the Kobo Aura One is and and at the same price or bust! Well that and some page turn buttons too!

    • I really hope they release a 7.8-inch Kindle too, but after years and years of the same 6-inch Kindles being churned out I can’t help but be pessimistic about it. They’ll probably just end up releasing a 2nd gen Oasis that has the same 6-inch 300ppi screen with some minor upgrades, like the addition of an auto adjusting frontlight and the option to change color temperature. I hope I’m wrong but E Ink has been making 8-inch screens for many years and Amazon never released an 8-inch Kindle before so why do it now? I doubt that Amazon even cares or pays attention to what Kobo does anymore. It’s like Walmart going out of their way to compete with Radio Shack.

  5. You’re right and i’m a bit pessimistic as well. But at the same time they have saturated the 6″ Kindle with many options throughout the years and the Oasis didn’t sell well at all.

    The only thing that would entice me to buy a new 6″ Kindle is if it were to have software upgrade and enhancements not available on other models. Things light temperature adjustment, font weight adjustment and more font options, more margin control and other enhanced features. Other than that I could care less and by looking at the Oasis low sales I’d say most people could care less either.

    I’m going to be optimistic this time and say that Amazon will release a larger Kindle this November. The difference this year being it’s the X Anniversary!

    • They could even call it the Amazon Kindle Eclipse X….lol

    • Well at least this conversation gave me an idea for an article topic today. 😀 But it got me thinking about the whole situation and now I’m more pessimistic than ever. I hope you’re right about a larger Kindle but history suggests otherwise. 🙁