Last of the Free Whispersync for Voice Audiobooks


It appears that Amazon has stopped their Whispersync for Voice promotion where they giveaway a different free classic audiobook each month. They’ve been doing it for like 5 years now so I guess it was bound to end eventually.

At the end of last month they removed the box that advertises the monthly freebie from the main Whispersync for Voice page at Amazon.

Last month’s audiobook is still free, and so is another title that was previously available.

Who knows, maybe they’ll start changing the freebies each month again at some point but for now it looks like they’ve stopped.

They have a list of classic free ebooks with $0.99 audiobook companions so they’re still available for really cheap.

Below are what might be the last of the free Whispersync for Voice audiobooks. Get them while they’re still free.

Far from the Madding Crowd

The Man Who Knew Too Much

The audiobook for Persuasion is only $0.38 for some reason instead of $0.99:

4 Responses to “Last of the Free Whispersync for Voice Audiobooks”

  1. Interesting that you mention audiobooks…
    I am just noticing these new ads on you site for audiobook for Free… I went and found it was free for 30 days at
    I never heard of the allyoucanbooks…
    maybe a little competition for Amazon?

    • Not surprising. Google ads are contextual so they’re often relevant to the article or your browsing history. I’ve never seen an ad for that website though. It’s funny how we can view the same webpage at the same time but the ads can be completely different.

  2. Nate, thank you for the update. Keep up the good work!

  3. I am a HUGE audiobook consumer I am an Amazon Prime member, and audible but what I use more than anything is Overdrive. (approx 170-200 audiobooks in past 3 yrs – of course ebooks are also available)

    I know of one MEGA site for older content of all sorts ( Are there other no-fee services/sites for newer content that you are aware of?