Black Friday Nook Glowlight Deal, Plus Cheap Nook Refurbs and New Covers

Nook Glowlight 3 Covers

Barnes and Noble released a new Nook earlier this month, the Nook Glowlight 3, and it’s already going to be on sale for $20 off as part of B&N’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals.

The Nook Glowlight 3 normally sells for $119, but later this week you’ll be able to get one for $99.

B&N’s Black Friday Deals start Thursday, November 23rd.

The Nook is shown as part of their sneak peek offers; their full list of deals will be revealed tomorrow.

Barnes and Noble has also started selling several different covers for the Glowlight 3. They’re actually reasonably priced too at $19.95, a lot cheaper than Amazon’s Kindle covers.

If you’d rather get a cheaper Nook, the Nook Glowlight Plus is available on Walmart through BigDeals for only $54.99 refurbished. That’s the lowest price I’ve ever seen it go for. It’s the previous model that’s waterproof with a flush glass screen and aluminum back.

Some of the older models are available refurbished for cheap as well—the Nook Touch is $36 and the Nook 1 is $25—but their batteries are so old at this point they’re likely not very good so you’d be better off getting a newer model.

B&N’s Black Friday Deals

3 Responses to “Black Friday Nook Glowlight Deal, Plus Cheap Nook Refurbs and New Covers”

  1. Definitely lags compared to Paperwhite. I actually liked the device when I thought I wouldn’t. I gave it a fair shot but my biggest gripe is the absolute abysmal 1GB of side-loaded storage capacity, no refresh option and the lag. Wanted to keep it but at this point with so many eReaders…an Aura One, H2O edition 2, Paperwhite and Voyage an eReader has to be better than just OK, practically perfect for me to keep it otherwise it just collects dust. I also wanted to like the Oasis 2 but that got returned also due to all the flaws.
    I hope Amazon releases a 7″ Paperwhite with Page-turn buttons next May. I don’t really care about waterproof or a flush bezel. Keep it as is except minimize the bottom bezel a bit and give me a larger Onyx book style cover and I’m good. That would probably be an end all device that replaces everything.

  2. I agree with Rick. The lag is pretty annoying. I recommend the paperwhite 3 over the glowlight plus for that reason alone. I do use my glowlight often because I got it for the sole purpose of doing anki reviews. IT’s wonderful how i can retain the information i want without the eye strain. Considering the price it’s a good deal for me. you can get other android-based ebook readers but they’re all way more expensive than the nook glowlight plus .

    I tried reading ebooks on the nook since the kindle can’t handle epub but i hate how the dictionary takes you out of the book and the screen response was kinda lackluster (it kept taking me to the options instead of going to the next page.) and laggy.

  3. i meant glowlight plus**