First Look at New 8-inch Onyx Boox Nova eReader (Video)

Onyx Boox Nova

Onyx has another new ebook reader in the works, an 8-inch model called the Onyx Boox Nova.

Onyx comes out with more ereaders than you can keep track of, sometimes with a half dozen different variations of the same model, but this one has a couple of interesting things going for it.

Apparently it’s plastic-based so that would help make it feel lighter. Hopefully she’s talking about the screen because that would be the next big step for smaller ereaders—plastic screens are lighter and more durable.

The device is expected to run Android 6.0 like Onyx’s newer larger-screen ereaders.

The screen appears more reflective than usual, but it’s just a prototype at this point so it’s hard-telling what the final product will be like.

They expect the Onyx Boox Nova to be available toward the end of the 1st quarter in 2018, and they may start a crowd funding campaign for it in early 2018.

Onyx Boox Nova

10 Responses to “First Look at New 8-inch Onyx Boox Nova eReader (Video)”

  1. That glare though!! Yikes.

    Running Android 6? Wow.

  2. Someday the comparison vs Boyue likebook plus 7,8″, an upgrade from Boyue T80.
    I hope will be on sale at
    Thank you, for this information.

  3. From today are on pre-sale boyue t-80 likebook plus 7,8″ and 6″ for send since December 10th from banggood. Less than 200 USD.
    Spanish: Desde ahora esta en preventa los ereaders boyue t-80, Para enviar desde Diciembre 10 en banggood. A menos de 200 USD. 145 USD 6″, and 185 USD 7,8″

    • Yeah I saw that too but they often have stuff up for pre-order that doesn’t show up on the date given so I was going to wait until they’re actually available before posting about them.

  4. I think I heard her say that it would have a quad core processor just before she mentioned android 6.0. That would make it the first quad core eInk device I think. English is obviously not her first language, so it is hard to understand, but in my mind quad-core is the only thing I can think of that she might mean.

    • The newer Boyue Likebooks have quad core processors and so does the Sony DPT-RP1. If they used the same processor as the Sony that would be worth getting excited about, but I seriously doubt these Cortex A9 quad core processors are worth writing home about. Their dual core is no faster than the single core and it uses more battery power so I doubt the quad core will be much better. Early reports of the Likebooks suggest as much. Processors and E Ink are a weird mix. Faster processors rarely translate to better performance. The old Nook Touch with the single core 800mhz processor is still faster than most Android ereaders today.

      • If quad-core processor isn’t guarantee they will be faster than single core ereaders, then MAX 2 pro isn’t worth too..

  5. I realize this article is about the Onyx Nova, however I recently purchased the Onyx T76 and having problems getting the dictionary installed and getting TTS functioning. It would be a big help I there was a review of the device online before Christmas. Thanks