Refurbished Kindles and Fire Tablets on Sale Again for Cheap

Kindle Voyage Sale

For the final week of Christmas shopping Amazon has some Kindle devices and Fire tablets on sale again.

The Kindle Paperwhite remains on sale for $99, and the 1st gen Kindle Oasis with 3G is $60 off. They’ve put some refurbished Kindles on sale as well, and Kindle Unlimited subscriptions are still 30% off for one year.

Woot has previous generation Kindles and Fire tablets available for cheap again too.

You can get a Kindle 4 for $15, a Kindle Touch for $20, and a 16GB Fire HD 8 for $29, among other deals.

If you missed it yesterday, the Nook Glowlight 3 is also on sale through tomorrow for $89.

Amazon Deals


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30% off Kindle Unlimited


Kindle Paperwhite – $99

Kindle Oasis 3G (1st gen) – $299

Refurbished Kindle – $44

Refurbished Kindle Paperwhite – $79

Refurbished Kindle Voyage – $119

Fire Tablets

Fire 7 – $39

Fire 7 Refurbished – $29

Fire HD 8 – $49

Fire HD 8 Refurbished – $44

Fire 7 Kids Edition – $79

Fire HD 8 Kids Edition – $99

Fire HD 10 Refurbished – $89 (Previous gen model)

More Amazon Device Deals

Woot Deals (All Refurbished)

Kindle 4 – $14

Kindle Touch 3G – $19

Fire 7 (2015) 16GB – $19

Fire HD 8 (2016) 16GB – $29

Fire HD 8 (2016) 32GB – $49

4 Responses to “Refurbished Kindles and Fire Tablets on Sale Again for Cheap”

  1. Refurbished Kindle Paper White for $79 is a great deal!! Very tempting…

    I’ve bought refurbished stuff before and every purchase I’ve made has been like a new device. If someone hadn’t told me the difference I never even would have been able to tell between new and refurbished.

  2. Bought Amazon refurbs twice. Both the Fire Phone and HDX 8.9 had had and still have some issues.

  3. Bought the refurb generation 8 basic when on sale last month for $40 + tax and it looked to be new other than packaging. Not a scratch.

    An ebay seller, goodystore, has a bunch of Kindle Voyage 3G + Wi-Fi versions for about $140, half new price and the one I received looked to be new. Not a scratch on it. I have no connection to the seller. Lots of used Kindles of many models.