10.3-inch Onyx Boox Note Video and Pre-Orders


Onyx’s latest new large-screen ereader is now set to launch, and they’re showing it off at CES 2018.

With its 10.3-inch flexible E Ink Carta screen, the Onyx Boox Note is like a smaller version of the 13.3-inch Onyx Boox Max 2, except it lacks an HDMI port for screen mirroring and there are no page buttons.

The Boox Note supports finger touch and it comes with a stylus and wacom touchscreen for writing notes on the screen.

It has a 1.6GHz quad-core processor with 2GB of RAM and 32GB of storage space, but there is no memory card slot.

The screen resolution is 1872 x 1404, with 227 ppi. It does not have a frontlight.

Other features included Bluetooth support, plus it has WiFi, a USB-C port, along with a built-in speaker and microphone. It’s 6.8mm thick and weighs about 355 grams.

It runs Android 6.0 and can install Android apps, but of course their functionality is going to be hit or miss with the E Ink screen. The native reading apps support PDF, EPUB, TXT, MOBI, HTML, FB2, and a number of other formats. The reading app offers a lot of features and they’ve also added a two-page mode where you can have a document and a notes page open at the same time.

The Boox Note is similar to the Remarkable tablet in size and price but it has upgraded hardware and more advanced software.

The Onyx Boox Note is currently up for pre-order from the Germany-based eReader Store. The pre-order price is €462, which equates to about $556 USD. It’ll probably show up on Amazon soon too from the US distributors.

10.3″ Onyx Boox Note and 13.3″ Max 2

14 Responses to “10.3-inch Onyx Boox Note Video and Pre-Orders”

  1. Good news and video. I expect that onix boox not only for sale in amazon, that continues selling this devices at banggood.com

  2. As a Remarkable Tablet Buyer and user, I concur that the Onyx Boox software likely is more advanced. I love the Remarkable device but service is lacking and the promised software update has been coming for months. Still waiting.

  3. Dear eink manufacturers who do not read this site:

    Please read this site (esp., http://blog.the-ebook-reader.com/2018/01/01/what-are-your-ereader-wishes-for-2018/).

    Onyx’s own demo, in the video above, shows they still don’t have it together on writing and annotation (1:25, above).

  4. My lingering question is whether this device allows highlighting. I almost bought an Onyx Boox 96ml a couple days ago until I saw that while you could take notes with the stylus, you couldn’t highlight text like you can with a Kindle.

    • Not sure where you picked up the misinformation but highlighting works using the stylus just fine on the N96ML, same with other Onyx models.

      • Thanks! To be honest I may have just completely misinterpreted something I read or saw (not sure where either lol.) I appreciate the correction.

  5. Does Onyx Note support OTG?

  6. can anyone tell me if these e-readers are taxed when imported from the US. To Brazil…
    I have a great desire to buy one but I am afraid of being taxed. I bought a kobo aura one and I was not taxed because here in brazil reading devices are not taxed, but even then, these ones are so expensive that I’m afraid to buy and give myself bad.

    • I have no idea, but I will add a customs duty story. I used to send boxes of used books to a friend who taught English in Argentina. I would purchase hard bound books for a dollar at a used book store. Some years- 15 or 20- after I started sending her used books, she told me to stop sending them, as they were now being charged customs duty. Customs duty on used books that cost a dollar apiece. Nice.

    • José Carlos. Tenho o mesmo interesse. Tenho medo de ser tributado o produto. Vc ainda pretende comprar o Onyx Boox Note?

      Se sim, em qual site?

      • Realmente aqui no brasil aparelhos de leitures e livros em geral estão livres de impostos desde o ano passado através de uma nova lei que que foi aprovada e já esta em vigor. Ja comprei 2 Kobo aura one importados da frança e não fui taxado. As empresas também não pagam impostos sobre esses produtos… ai vem uma pergunta: porque o kindle é tão caro aqui? foi tirado o imposto da amazon e o preço continua o mesmo: e porque estas outras empresas não aproveitam para vender seus e-readers aqui no Brasil? estranho! não é?

      • Ernesto, conseguiu comprar o Onyx Boox?

  7. Really here here in brazil devices of leitures and books in individual is free taxes from the year is the year through year laws from the year which is end of the year. I already bought 2 Kobo aura imported from France and I was not taxed. As companies also do not pay taxes on these products … here comes a question: why is love so expensive here? Amazon tax was taken and the price remains the same: why are not companies that can not afford to sell their e-readers here in Brazil? weird! it is not?