Closer Look at 10.3-inch Onyx Boox Note (Videos)


The 10.3-inch Onyx Boox Note went up for pre-order a few weeks ago. It’s expected to get released in early February, just a couple weeks from now.

Some new videos of the Onyx Boox Note have started showing up on YouTube, and you can see why they decided to call it the “Note”.

The handwriting abilities look surprisingly natural with the upgraded Wacom touchscreen.

The stylus pen supports 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity and the latency appears quite low.

The software also seems to run faster with the quad-core 1.6GHz processor and updated Android 6.0 OS compared to the Onyx Boox N96.

They also took Sony’s side-note feature that lets you have a separate notes page open at the same time as a document.

So far the Note looks like it’s going to give the similar Remarkable tablet a run for its money with the addition of open Android software and more advanced ereading software.

Onyx Boox Note Handwriting

Onyx Boox Note Final Version

7 Responses to “Closer Look at 10.3-inch Onyx Boox Note (Videos)”

  1. If they had included a micro SD slot, it would have been perfect! They have to keep something for next year’s model, don’t they?

    And the North American price?

  2. If you want to get Android apps running smoothly, you would need a 2 GB ram as minimum.

  3. Onyx advertise line: With the 4100mAH lithium-polymer battery, you can achieve about 4 weeks of standby time.

    tbh, when the company is using this kind of advertising line, it means the product is shit.

    I dont know anyone who would buy the equipment because the 4 weeks standby time.
    The reading time matter for smart buyers, the standby time for morons.

  4. boa noite, eu comprei um Onyx Boox Note, e não to achando o idioma do meu pais que é (Português Brasil ) você sabe me dizer se este idioma não tem no Onexy Boox Note?