Kobo Aura Edition 2 Marked Down to $99

Kobo Aura

Once again Kobo has the 2nd gen Kobo Aura on sale for $99, matching the price of the Kindle Paperwhite that’s also on sale this week.

Of course the Kobo Aura doesn’t have ads like the Paperwhite that cost an extra $20 to remove, so it’s even cheaper when considering that factor.

The Kobo Aura has a lower resolution screen, however, so they aren’t directly comparable.

In fact I’m still not sure why Kobo offers the 2nd gen Aura with similar-priced models offering something better.

It doesn’t have an adjustable frontlight color like Kobo’s other ereaders, and it’s not waterproof either, and again the lower resolution screen isn’t ideal.

I still think the Kobo Glo HD with the 300 ppi screen was a better product but Kobo discontinued it for some reason. $99 isn’t a bad price for the Kobo Aura and is probably what it should sell for regularly but hopefully Kobo replaces it with a newer model sometime this year.

Kobo Aura

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  1. I don’t quite understand what you are saying but the Kobo Aura edition 2 does have an adjustable frontlight it just does not have the comfortlight technology of the Aura one.