Amazon Trade-In Deal Takes 25% off Fire Tablets

Tablet Trade Deal

Now that the $50 off Kindle Paperwhite trade-in deal has ended, Amazon has started a new trade-in deal where you can get 25% off any current Fire tablet when trading in an old tablet.

You can also use the value of the trade-in credit towards the purchase, so if you’ve got an old tablet laying around that you don’t want anymore this is one way to get rid of it and get a new Fire tablet for cheap.

One point of note about the trade-in offer is you can’t trade an old Fire tablet, just other brands of tablets.

The funny thing is Amazon doesn’t accept trades for any Fire tablets past or present anymore.

But they do accept trades for most other brands of tablets, including iPads, Samsung tablets, Asus, Lenovo, Google Nexus, and others.

Some have better values than others. I was going to trade-in my old Lenovo tablet but the screen is cracked so they’ll only give $5 for it. Otherwise it’s worth $40 and with the 25% off that would’ve taken the Fire HD 10 down to $72.74. That’s a good price but for only $5 off it isn’t worth the time.

The 25% off Fire tablet trade-in deal ends on April 2nd, 2018. See the terms and conditions for the full list of stipulations.

Trade-in Deal

2 Responses to “Amazon Trade-In Deal Takes 25% off Fire Tablets”

  1. Be careful. Amazon did not honor the previous promotion for $50 off a paperwhite Kindle after I sent in my device for trade-in.