B&N Puts Nook Glowlight 3 On Sale, But It’s Too Little Too Late

Glowlight 3

Add this to the long list of questionable decisions that Barnes and Noble has made in regards to the Nook.

Today B&N finally decided to put the Nook Glowlight 3 on sale for the first time this year. It’s marked down to $99—that’s $20 off the regular price.

With a gift-buying holiday like Mother’s Day coming up this Sunday, discounting the Nook makes sense, but in typical B&N fashion they waited too long to put it on sale.

Even if you pay extra for expedited shipping, which totally defeats the purpose of getting it on sale, the Nook won’t arrive until next Monday, the day after Mother’s Day.

That means you have to go to a Barnes and Noble retail store if you want to pick up a Glowlight 3 on sale in time to give it as a gift.

It wouldn’t be surprising if B&N did this on purpose since they always seem so desperate to get customers into their stores, but it’s not a very good business strategy, especially when refurbished Nooks are selling for $79 right now.

Amazon on the other hand has had their Kindle and Fire devices on sale since Sunday, with plenty of time to get them before the holiday.

Once again B&N is two steps behind the times…

10 Responses to “B&N Puts Nook Glowlight 3 On Sale, But It’s Too Little Too Late”

  1. That is questionable besides Barnes and Noble stores are so few and far in between that I’d have to probably spend $20 in gas money just to get to a location Figuratively thus defeating the purpose of getting it on sale.

    • Depends on where you live. I have three Barnes & Nobles less than fifteen minutes from my house, and two more just a little farther away.

  2. I decided long ago that the only logical explanation for B&N’s many poor decisions was that the CEO of B&N must be secretly in the employ of Amazon. I can’t think of any other way they could so consistently make the worst possible choices time after time. I mean, really, stupidity can only carry you so far…

    Even a stopped clock is right twice a day!

  3. Genius of e-ink sales.

  4. I don’t agree. Every city has stores. Better to just pick up than mail order.

    • I’d have to drive 1 hour each way to get to the nearest B&N retail store. Not everyone lives in a big city. And even if I did I’d still rather have it delivered to my door for free rather than having to deal with traffic and waiting in line. If B&N wants to turn everything into a hassle then most people are going to keep choosing Kindles instead.

      • I live close to several Barnes & Nobles, as I mentioned in another post, but I feel the same way. Shopping there is such a hassle.

        I love my Kindles, but I also *try* to support book stores (independent, as well as B&N). But every time I go to B&N I have to wait forever in line, and then when I finally do checkout, they ask me if I want to be a member, and when I say no, they continue to bug me about it throughout the entire checkout process.

  5. I am thinking of getting it for $99. Maybe I would visit BN store this week.

    Just now as I checked, the sale is over. So, $99 saved.

  6. I’m hoping for a Father’s Day sale?