Intel’s Tiger Rapids Dual Screen PC has E Ink Screen (Video)

Intel PC E Ink

For the past two years Intel has been working on a new concept PC with a two-screen design, although I don’t know why they’re calling it a PC when it’s clearly more like a tablet or digital notebook.

The device is code-named Tiger Rapids, and it’s basically a foldable notebook with an LCD screen on one side and an E Ink screen on the other side.

In fact it’s just like the Entourage Edge reborn with current technology—the EE was indeed way ahead of its time.

The Intel version is a prototype meant to inspire their partners like Asus and Lenovo to produce similar dual-screen devices in the future.

It’s certainly an interesting concept. The device has a sturdy-looking hinge in the middle and the screens can be folded all the way forward and back. It’s kind of like combining a Windows tablet with an E Ink notebook.

The E Ink screen can be used as a notepad or keyboard with the device folded like a laptop.

What do you think? It’s more of a niche product than regular tablets and ereaders. Would you like to have a device like the Tiger Rapids prototype?

via:PC World

Intel Tiger Rapids at Computex 2018

8 Responses to “Intel’s Tiger Rapids Dual Screen PC has E Ink Screen (Video)”

  1. 8 inches and more, 300 ppi and more, well another specs, like onix boox note and boyue likebook note, the better of both, and a good Price, it will be interesting for me.

  2. Very interesting device… I wonder if you can turn off the PC computer part to just read ebooks on the Eink screen….

  3. Whoa, just went back in time to 2010 and read your preview and the video of the Entourage Edge… What ever happened to it? Has the same concepts as the Intel Tiger Rapids reader thingy…

    • They also released a smaller version called the Pocket Edge but the company didn’t last long and they closed their store in 2011. Some people really liked the Entourage Edge and Pocket Edge but I never got a chance to try one.

  4. Would love to have it for reading and note-taking–not as a full laptop replacement. I hope the hardware folks produce it. …I’m scared though that they’ll drop the e-ink and insist on making it larger.


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