Prime Deals: $69 Kindle Paperwhite, $89 Fire HD 10 – Refurbs

Kindle Paperwhite Refurbished

There are some really good deals going on at Amazon today. They have a few certified refurbished devices available for cheap for Prime members.

But first, the 13.3-inch Sony DPT-RP1 is currently $100 off at Amazon, making it slightly cheaper than the new 10.3-inch model at $599. The deal probably won’t last very long, and it’s not restricted to Prime members. Update: Sorry, this deal has ended.

Prime Day is one week away, and Amazon has started offering some more deals for Prime members today.

They have some certified refurbished devices for $30 off the regular prices. Note that the sale prices are for Amazon Prime members only, which costs $119 per year or $12.99 per month.

The refurbished Kindle Paperwhite is only $69 and the Fire HD 10 is $89. They also have the Fire HD 8 available for $39.

Those are some good prices for those devices, but if you’d rather have new ones instead of refurbished ones they’ll be on sale next week for Prime Day, except the prices most likely won’t be as low as refurbished prices. Last year the Paperwhite was $89 for Prime Day and the Fire HD 8 was $49.

The deals on Kindle Unlimited, Amazon’s ebook subscription service, are still active as well:

Kindle Unlimited – Up to 40% off Kindle Unlimited – Use code PDKU18 at checkout.

Kindle Unlimited – Get 3 months of Kindle Unlimited for $0.99.

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5 Responses to “Prime Deals: $69 Kindle Paperwhite, $89 Fire HD 10 – Refurbs”

  1. Is the HD8 only for Prime, or is the sale over already? I am getting $64.99.

  2. That’s a great deal but at this point who doesn’t have a Paperwhite. Six years with the same design and three years since the last paperwhite was released, it’s a snoozer at this point. I was hoping a new version would be released in time for prime day.

  3. New PW3’s will reportedly be on sale for $79 on Prime Day

  4. How about instead of putting it on sale Sony actually write some bloody software for the thing.