Discounts on Kobo eBook Readers at Walmart and Kobo

Kobo Sale

One week after bringing Kobo ebook readers to the United States through Walmart, Kobo has decided to put the Kobo Aura H2O on sale from their website, but it’s not on sale at Walmart.

Undercutting your new retail partner’s price after the first week seems like a strange thing to do, but Kobo has always marched to the beat of a different drum so why would things change now?

For the next week the Kobo Aura H2O is on sale for $159 at Kobo.

That’s $20 off the regular price, the price that Walmart is selling it for right now.

However, Walmart does offer discounts on other Kobo models.

First off, the regular price of the Kobo Aura is $99 at Walmart, while Kobo is still selling it for $119 from their website. It’s their older 6-inch model but it’s still much nicer than the severely outdated entry-level Kindle that sells for $99 without ads.

Walmart also offers discounts on the Kobo Aura One and Kobo Clara HD when using their ship-to-store option.

When ordering from Walmart’s website and picking up in store you can get a Kobo Aura One for $215.89 instead of the regular price of $229.99.

With the Kobo Clara HD Walmart’s pickup price is $122.02 instead of $129.99.

It’s not a big discount but considering the fact that Kobo hasn’t once put the Kobo Aura One on sale in the past two years since it was released, that’s about as good as it gets.

2 Responses to “Discounts on Kobo eBook Readers at Walmart and Kobo”

  1. If you buy it here, you at least can get that favorable exchange rate.

    • True, but once you add shipping fees there’s not much difference. Plus it’s a bigger hassle to return if there’s a problem and you have to pay for return shipping.