Will Amazon Release a New Premium 6-inch Kindle in 2019?

Kindle Voyage

Nothing against the new Kindle Paperwhite, especially considering it’s only $99 on sale, but every time I pick up the Kindle Voyage I’m reminded by how much nicer it is by comparison.

Considering the Kindle Voyage sold for $200 and up it’s not surprising that it’s nicer but what is surprising is the fact that Amazon discontinued it without releasing a newer version to take its place.

Amazon released the Kindle Oasis 2 last year as their premium model, but it has a larger 7-inch screen and an offset design that makes it less portable than a smaller 6-inch model.

The new Paperwhite is more of a mid-level ereader, and there’s the entry-level Kindle for the low-end basic model.

Why is there no premium 6-inch model? The Kindle Voyage was one of the more popular Kindles, so why was it discontinued after just one generation?

Considering the Kindle Voyage was released over 4 years ago, it’s pretty sad that the new Kindle is actually a downgrade in many ways.

Sure, the new Paperwhite is waterproof and it has more storage space and it supports Bluetooth for audiobooks, but the most important thing, the screen, is a noticeably worse than the Kindle Voyage’s screen, as noted in the comparison review. And the overall design of the Voyage is a lot nicer too.

In fact the Kindle Voyage has darker and sharper text than the Kindle Oasis, and the majority of people seem to prefer the Voyage’s design to the unusual design of the Oasis, so the fact that it was discontinued without a replacement doesn’t make any sense.

Hopefully Amazon will release a new premium 6-inch model in 2019.

28 Responses to “Will Amazon Release a New Premium 6-inch Kindle in 2019?”

  1. It’s so like Amazon. They ditched perfect HD and HDX Kindle Fire tablets, now they do the same to an ereader with the best screen replacing it with mediocre model of Paperwhite and a strange “premium” model.

    • Exactly… I still use my last-gen HDX 8.9 as my primary reader. I have a 10″ which is too large and heavy, and I gave my 8″ away because it was too small and low-res to read magazines with.
      Amazon, we want a new 8.9 HDX high-res!

  2. There’s nothing wrong with a premium 6-inch model, but at this point, I am not buying any premium model from Amazon that is not larger than 6 inches. I would like a 7.8 or even an 8-inch model with buttons and comfort light.

  3. I’d like to see a 7.5“ – 8“ Paperwhite

  4. Sorry, I meant “that is not larger”

  5. I sold my Voyage when I didn’t use it for nearly a year after getting an Oasis for Christmas last year. It was a good ereader though, I just preferred the 7″ screen.

    Yesterday I saw the new Paperwhite in person at Best Buy, and truthfully I don’t like it. It feels cheap and flimsy. The Voyage feels premium, not as premium as the Oasis, but close. They really should have just given it Bluetooth and released a 2nd generation.

  6. I keep buying Kindles as each model comes along..but of the last three my favorite is the Kindle Voyage followed by the Kindle Oasis. I really dont like this latest Paperwhite. Ive been a customer of Amazon for 20 years. And I keep giving away my Kindle Fires. Yes plural.. I prefer my iPad to those. For now, I love my Kindle Voyage, Oasis, and first Paperwhte. I still have my first Kindle with buttons and keyboard.

  7. Ordered a Kobo forma. Passing my spouse my Kindle voyage. Getting older I appreciate bigger screen.

  8. I have the first generation Oasis which I love, I’m surprised it still works because I read so much. It disappears from my awareness and I can lose myself in my reading. But I thought I would like the 7” screen of the newest one so I ordered it. And while I did like the larger screen I hated holding the cold metal and the increased size and weight- it literally made my hand ache, so back it went. Maybe if a new version was comfortable to hold as well as light weight? I might consider it.

  9. I have a paperwhite and a voyage. I love the voyage and use it constantly. I like its size because it goes into almost every size purse.

  10. The innovation pace of the kindles is glacial… I would really like it to pick up speed and for all that is holy – please make a 8-10 inch version!

  11. I’m retired & this year (June to now) began keeping a record & have read one new book every 1.6 days. I’ve had 5 different older Kindle ereaders. My favorite is the Kindle Keyboard because the page turn paddles are mechanical & so crisp

    • Um, excuse me, but isn’t the Oasis smaller than the Voyage therefore more able to be pocketed or snuck into nefarious place, having possessed both and can personally testify, especially to nefarious places?

  12. Honestly, I think gimmicks aside the new paperwhite is the worst kindle yet. It feels cheaply made and the screen is the worst I’ve seen in a 300 ppi reader.

  13. I’ve had the Voyage, PPW2, PPW3, 1st gen Oasis, Kobo Aura 1, and the new PPW4. I honestly don’t get the hate toward the PPW4. I gave away my Voyage about 2 months after getting it. I didn’t like the side page turn buttons, they kept making my thumb hurt and were too unpredictable. The Oasis was a good reader, but after a couple of months I went back to my PPW3 (which I still have). I got the PPW4 shipped to me the day it came out and I have not regretted it at all. I use it everyday. I still have my trusty PPW3 in case I change my mind, but honestly I don’t think I will. It’s not as big as the PPW to get heavy and not too light so it still feels substantial when I read. I like the improved resolution and the flush screen. It ticks all the boxes for me. *shrug*

  14. I agree with all those clamoring for a larger e-reader…it’s past time!
    That said, the Voyage was a quality unit with a great screen…some of us will splurge on a unit that looks and feels great. Not impressed with the Paperwhite…ok for the money, but…just not that great.

  15. I’d like to see a bigger Paperwhite (7“ – 8“)

    • if they can keep it about the same size and just reduce the large bezzle id bet they could make a 7 inch paper white with about the same foot print it might be a tiny bit bigger. I almost bought an oasis but at 249+tax it was a little more then I wanted to pay for an e reader. if 2019 or 2020 shows up a 7inch or 8 inch paper white amazon just might have my money again

  16. my bet is the voyage got canceled for its problems with the lighting being uneven and color issues as there was quite the number of complaints about it. it would be nice to see some screen improvments or other things in e readers over the 330-300ppi screens that have been in paperwhites for quite some time

  17. Holy cow, I missed that PW4 vs Voyage comparison video until it was mentioned here. I’m in awe of how badly the former compares to the latter in contrast and clarity. Has anyone seen a video comparing the KO2 to the Voyage?

  18. I owned both at the same time. The Voyage is still better for contrast and clarity, but it’s not as bad a difference as with the PW4.

  19. I would love to see another HDX Fire appear. I still use my 7” HDX and was crushed when my 8.9 bit the dust. The screen was a thing of beauty and none of the recent tablets can compare.
    Come on Amazon! I’m hooked on HDX and ready to give you money!!